Gadgets Skill API

Create Skills for Echo Buttons, an Alexa Gadget

Gadgets Skill API

Available through a public beta, the Gadgets Skill API enables developers to create games, educational skills and novelty experiences for Alexa Gadgets, including Echo Buttons.
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Gadgets Skill Interfaces

The Gadgets Skill API is comprised of two interfaces, Gadget Controller and Game Engine. Developers can combine both interfaces for a richer experience.

Gadget Controller

The Gadget Controller gives skills the power to control Alexa Gadgets. For example, the Gadget Controller can be used to send light commands to Echo Buttons.
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Game Engine

The Game Engine is used to define and interpret button presses from Echo Buttons so that your skill can respond with assigned reactions.
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Build a Trivia Game for Echo Buttons

Create an engaging trivia game for Alexa players with the new
Echo Buttons trivia template. Get template »

See What Others Have Built for Echo Buttons

Get inspired by these innovative games, and start building your own Echo Button games.
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In this classic game, you can compete with friends in a fast-paced trivia race to the finish line. Be the first to buzz in and answer questions from one of six categories. View skill

Can you keep up with the trickster’s lightning fast hands? Will you be more skillful when the tables have turned? Try your luck at this classic sleight of hand game. View skill

In this pressure cooker pattern memory game, you will work together to communicate the right colors to press the right color combination to defuse a bomb! View skill

Get ready for a fast dash of color-mashing fun as you decipher different parts of the message from outer space - level up to piece together the complete communication. View skill

Think you're the fastest button slinger in the west? Challenge friends and family to the ultimate button showdown! Choose from two exciting gameplay modes: Quick Draw, for 2-4 players) and Last Player Standing (for 3-4 players). View skill

Quiz game based on solving anagrams, suitable for 2-4 players. Alexa reads a series of letter clues, and the first player to buzz in and guess the word, gets the point! View skill

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