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Bring Alexa to your connected products with Amazon's intelligent cloud-based voice service

Voice Interaction Made Easy

Create meaningful user experiences for an endless variety of use cases with Alexa Voice Service (AVS), Amazon's intelligent voice recognition and natural language understanding service. AVS includes a full range of features, including smart home control, streaming music content, news, timers, and more, and can be added to any connected device that has a microphone and speaker.

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What Is AVS?
Cloud-Based Intelligence

Alexa is always getting smarter with new capabilities through machine learning. Complex technologies like Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding are handled for you in the cloud.

Easy-to-Use APIs

Easy interfaces for core functionality like audio playback, volume control, or text-to-speech. These interfaces have a one-to-many relationship with built-in Alexa capabilities and third-party skills.

Custom Skills

Access to thousands of custom skills built by our active developer community. Learn how to build your own custom skill with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK).

Smart Home Control

Voice control for Smart Home devices, such as lights, switches, thermostats, and more from Belkin Wemo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, and Wink. Learn how to build your own line of Alexa-enabled Smart Home products.

Streaming Music

Voice control for streaming music services, such as Amazon Music, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Learn how to integrate media services into your Alexa-enabled product.

News and Information

AVS provides web search results, sports scores, weather reports, jokes, and more. End users can also use the Flash Briefing skill to hear news updates from a growing list of trusted media outlets. Learn more about the Flash Briefing API.

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What Can You Build With Alexa?

AVS provides the flexibility to choose the best experience for your Alexa-enabled product. Whether you’re building a hand-held device like a TV remote or smart watch or developing a hands-free experience for a connected speaker or home intercom system, AVS offers Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Profiles tailored for specific types of user interaction. Begin by envisioning how you want your users to interact with Alexa, and our design guide will help you choose the best Profile to implement into your product. Don’t know where to start?

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