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BSS (Bluetooth Mesh) Simple Setup Overview


Frustration-Free Setup (FSS) technology removes the complexities of setup for connected devices by utilizing a peer-assisted model for setup– whereby a customer’s BLE Mesh devices (purchased via Amazon or associated by other means) have their BLE Mesh credentials automatically sync’d to a customers BLE Mesh enabled Echo device. By syncing associated credentials to a customers Echo device when the customer powers on their new BLE Mesh device for the first time the Echo will automatically and securely setup the device to their BLE Mesh network. After a device has been setup either via BSS or other means to a customer’s Echo device the mesh device will no longer be eligible for BSS again.

  1. Customer buys BLE Mesh device on Amazon or via supported offline partners.
  2. BLE Mesh credentials of the device are automatically sync’d down to customer’s BLE Mesh enabled Echo devices.
  3. Customer powers on new BLE Mesh devices
  4. BLE Mesh Echo device, already preloaded with customers BLE Mesh credentials, will automatically detect and setup the new provisionee device.


  • Device Setup Service / Setup Service - This is the cloud service that drives BSS.
  • FFS- Frustration-Free Setup. The umbrella term for Amazon's setup technologies, including Bluetooth Simple Setup.
  • Provisionee - A participating device that can join a customer’s BLE Mesh network using BSS
  • Provisioner - A BLE Mesh enabled Amazon Echo devices
  • BSS - Bluetooth simple setup, also known as Simple Setup or Frustration Free Setup. Automatically setting up a customer’s Bluetooth device to their Alexa powered BLE Mesh network.
  • BLE Mesh Credentials- A triple containing the OOB Type (Static only for now), OOB Data (pub key), and Device UUID


  • Supported Bluetooth Sig Mesh Certified device purchased from Amazon or other supported retailer
    • The Bluetooth Mesh device also must support using a Static OOB Data as an authentication mechanism
    • Please see Mesh Profile Specification 1.0.1 from
      • Specifically: 5.4.2 Figure 5.12: Provisioning behavior Option 3c: Use Static OOB
  • Customer owns supported BLE Mesh enabled Echo device that is active and linked to the customer’s Amazon account
  • BLE Mesh device is powered on in direct range of the Echo device

Provisionee Integration

In terms of BSS, the provisionee is the device that is to be automatically setup. For partners looking to onboard their provisionee devices to be eligible with BSS there may be a little work required depending on which provisioning modes your device currently supports. We rely on partner devices supporting the use of Static OOB Data for provisioning. Once a device support this, the rest of the technology powering BSS relies on partners onboarding and making a few small changes to their manufacturing process. Additional required documents:


  1. Get access to the documentation a. Review documentation for your device integration and certification requirements. b. Review our release schedule and align with your launch dates
  2. Get Product ID and Barcode Public Key a. FFS team will provide you with a unique Product ID for your new device as well as a unique public key used to encrypt portions of the barcode string
  3. Certification Ready / Ready for production. Update your original device submission request alerting us your device is ready for production with your test results from the provisioner/provisionee test table.
  4. Enable Amazon SKU for Simple Setup. a. Work back with your BD/SA lead to enable your SKU on for Simple Setup b. You will need to create a separate UPC code for FFS-enabled inventory. Work back with your BD/SA lead to link this with any existing UPC codes and product detail pages.

Manufacturing Requirements for 2D Barcode

There are important manufacturing considerations required to support the Bluetooth simple setup functionality. These require physical changes to exterior packaging to support the inclusion of a specific 2D barcode. Detailed guidance on 2D Barcode is provided in the Manufacturing Guide. Additionally if your bluetooth device doesn’t already support Static OOB Data based provisioning, firmware changes will need to be made to your device as well to support this feature.

See the Provisionee Manufacturing Guide for more information


Amazon will require your devices (and application if applicable) to go through our Simple Setup Certification. This is different than other Amazon certifications, such as Works with Alexa and Built for Alexa. Please consult your Business Development / Solution Architect leads for more information on certification.

See the Provisionee Certification Overview for more information

Version Date Author Description
1.0 Sept 23, 2020. Amazon. General Availability

Last updated: Nov 02, 2020