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ASIN Configuration for FFS

Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) technology requires pre-registration of the device with the account of Amazon customer who purchased the device on In order to enable this process a corresponding Amazon product identified by Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) should be configured to link it to the provisionee device type, add FFS UI elements on product details page and enable FFS barcode scan.

ASIN configuration prerequisites

  • The ASIN must be fully configured for sale within requested marketplace but should not be launched to avoid shipment disruptions of existing inventory which may not have FFS barcode attached.
  • If it is necessary to enable FFS for an already launched ASIN then make sure all devices in Amazon fulfillment centers inventory have FFS barcodes.
  • A corresponding provisionee device is certified for FFS in the requested marketplace, see Provisionee Certification Guide for more details.

Configuring an ASIN through the FFS console

  1. Go to the FFS console's Manage Products page
  2. Select the product you want to configure an ASIN for
  3. Select "Manage ASINs" on the product-specific management page
  4. Complete the ASIN configuration form per the ASIN configuration parameters
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Repeat this process for each ASIN and marketplace you wish to configure for your product

Once the ASIN configuration form is submitted, the processing status will be displayed on the ASIN configuration page of the product in the FFS console. This processing status allows you to track the progress of your ASIN configuration request.

The table below details all of the ASIN configuration processing statuses and estimated length of time your request will be in each status.

Status Description Estimated Time in Status
Setup Initialized We have received your ASIN configuration request and are confirming some details 3-5 business days
Setting Up We have confirmed your ASIN configuration request and are currently processing it 3-4 weeks
Setup Complete Your ASIN configuration request is complete and your ASIN is ready for FFS -
Setup Failed There was an issue completing your ASIN configuration request, see status details column for the failure reason. You can submit a new ASIN configuration request when the issue is fixed -

ASIN configuration parameters

  • ASIN. Only ASINs owned by your company can be configured for FFS
  • Marketplace. ASINs are configured for FFS per marketplace, submit multiple requests if devices sales are launched in multiple marketplaces
  • Barcode Type. You can select between 1D or 2D barcode types, see Provisionee Barcode Specification for more details.
  • Barcode verification regular expression. The default regular expression for 1D barcodes will exclude the UPC/EAN value you have set for your ASIN. If you plan on having other barcodes besides a UPC/EAN barcode on your packaging, we recommend using a custom regular expression that will also exclude other possible barcode values. Define an expression which will differentiate identification barcode value from other barcodes on the packaging (e.g. UPC or EAN, etc.), so a wrong barcode cannot be scanned for FFS by mistake leading to a failed customer pre-registration and no FFS experience for this customer.
    • Note: The UPC/EAN value used in a 2D barcode must match the UPC/EAN value set for your ASIN
  • FFS related product page elements. Depending on the device partner program it can be required to provide three additional properties per marketplace language which will be shown on your products details page:
    • Brand name. Name of your device brand. e.g. My company
    • Privacy policy label. Brand's privacy policy label. e.g. My company's Privacy Policy
    • Privacy policy link. HTTP link to the brand's privacy policy page, e.g.