Alexa Enterprise Skills

Alexa for Business from Amazon Web Services makes it easy for organizations to use Alexa in the workplace, providing tools to manage Alexa devices, enroll users, and assign skills at scale. Now you can build smart custom skills using the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa for Business APIs and make them available as private skills to organizations.

With Alexa for Business, organizations can provide shared Alexa devices for anyone to use in common areas around the workplace as well as personal Alexa devices for employees to use. Shared devices allow Alexa to simplify conference rooms, and help around the office, and anyone can access them. Personal devices let Alexa help users be more productive throughout their day, at work or at home.

Webinar: Building Skills with Alexa for Business

Key Features of Alexa for Business

Build Public or Private Skills

Using the Alexa Skills Kit, you can build your own skills. With Alexa for Business, you can choose to make these available to the shared devices and enrolled users in an Alexa for Business account, without having to publish them in the public Alexa Skills Store.

Access Alexa for Business APIs

Alexa for Business offers additional APIs, which you can use to add context to your skills. This enables you to build skills that work in specific locations such as automating actions to control equipment in conference rooms, or in building lobbies.

Manage Enrolled Users

Alexa for Business enables organizations to invite users to enroll their personal Amazon account with their Alexa for Business account. This lets them continue to use the Alexa skills they’ve already enabled in their personal Amazon account, as well as the work skills provided by their organization, on any of their devices, at work or at home.

Build Skills for the Workplace

At People's Desks

Alexa can help employees be more productive throughout the day and stay focused on important work. Build skills to enable employees to manage calendars, make calls, track to-do lists and find information such as the latest sales data, or inventory levels.

In Conference Rooms

Build skills to start meetings and control conference-room equipment settings using voice. Alexa for Business APIs allow you to build skills so that Alexa can work with additional equipment or perform specific tasks in conference room environments, such as dimming the lights or lowering the blinds.

Around the Workplace

With Alexa for Business, organizations can voice-enable their workplace to let Alexa help with common everyday tasks. Build custom workplace skills to help employees find open meeting rooms, order new supplies, report building problems, or notify IT of equipment issues.

Example Enterprise Skills


Polycom created skill using Alexa for Business device API to automatically turn on Polycom video conferencing equipment and start meetings.


When Echo is situated in a conference room, users can tell Echo to book, extend, or find a new room for the meeting.


Tact created a skill to enable users to access their Salesforce data over voice.


For employees whose companies use Concur, the Concur skill gets relevant itinerary details for upcoming travel to keep the employee up to date wherever they are.


Salesforce has built a skill that allows customers to access Einstein analytics and insights.


RingCentral built a skill to start calls, send text messages, listen to voicemails, and join web meetings all with voice commands.