Resources to Create Delightful Gadgets, Smart Toys, and Smart Clocks

Build and iterate on your own gadgets that connect to Alexa. To get started with the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, you can access resources which include technical documentation, embedded sample code, developer forums, along with reference applications and step-by-step guides. Our prototyping solution includes a reference application that runs on Raspberry Pi in Python 3, and does not require that you have specific knowledge of Bluetooth pairing, connectivity, or handling messages from an Echo device.

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Tech Docs

Reference documentation and technical requirements to build your own gadget, smart toy, or smart clock.


Access our embedded sample code and sample projects with step-by-step guides.

View sample code | View sample projects

Dev Forums

Engage with other developers and get questions answered by Amazon experts.

Color Cycler Gadget

Custom interactions through an Alexa skill. This companion device includes two sample skills in Node.js and Python that demonstrate and host client-side code (in Python), which can be used with both the node and python sample skill.

Notification Flag Gadget

Reacts to the notification capabilities of Alexa. This companion device controls a servo attached to a flag, which raises when a notification is received by your Echo device. The flag lowers when all notifications are listened to or cleared.

Timer Gadget

Displays the duration and expiration of an active timer. This companion device controls a servo that rotates a disk within an enclosure to communicate the amount of time left on a single timer. The disk rotates back and forth when a timer expires.


See What Developers Are Building

Get inspired by these innovative gadgets built using a Raspberry Pi, the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, and an accompanying Alexa skill.

Alexa-Connected Musical Keyboard Gadget

A connected keyboard with an accompanying Alexa skill which teaches you how to play popular songs. Alexa shows you which keys to press via LEDs on the keyboard, and provides guidance as you press keys to complete the song.

Alexa-Connected Treasure Box Gadget

A connected treasure box with an accompanying Alexa skill that brings objects to life. Alexa knows which object you are tapping on the treasure box via an RFID sensor, and can respond in a variety of ways including playing music, telling jokes, and more.

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