Build Smart Devices with the Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)

Introducing the New Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) Module with Espressif Chipset: Connect nearly any device to Alexa with ACK.

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Build Smart Devices with the Alexa Connect Kit

With Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) you can quickly and easily build products your customers will love, all at a fixed per-device cost. For your customers, products built with ACK include Alexa control through voice and mobile applications, Amazon’s Wi-Fi Simple Setup, and Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (optional). For developers, ACK enables you to connect your devices to Alexa without worrying about managing cloud services, writing an Alexa Skill, or developing complex networking and security firmware.


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Why Build with the Alexa Connect Kit?

Customer Delight

You can make any device a smart device. Your customers get Alexa control by voice and by touch, simple setup, and automatic reordering of consumables.

Implementation Ease

You don’t need to create or manage a cloud service, write an Alexa smart home skill, or develop complex networking and security firmware.

Speed to Market

You prototype using the ACK development kit, integrate into your device using the ACK module and device SDK, and move to volume manufacturing when you’re ready.

Cost Certainty

You pay a low per-device fee that covers both the hardware module and ongoing use of the ACK cloud service. 

Building Smart Devices with the Alexa Connect Kit


Review the ACK Product Overview. Then review the ACK Device SDK documentation to understand how to integrate ACK into your device.


Purchase a Development Kit for ACK and go through the Development Kit Getting Started Guide. Then follow the step-by-step guide to prototype your device with the Development Kit.


Set up your device manufacturing process, conduct customer testing, and continue to develop your device’s firmware. If you’re a commercial manufacturer, contact us when you’re ready to move forward.


Certify your product via the Works with Alexa program and begin selling to customers. ACK enables you to monitor performance.

Alexa Connect Kit Overview

Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) is a managed service that makes it easy to integrate Alexa into your smart products. With ACK, you don't need to write an Alexa skill, manage a cloud service, or develop complex network and security firmware to connect your product to Alexa. Instead, you integrate the ACK module into your product and pay a one-time fixed cost. ACK provides the managed services, software, and tools you can use to develop and manage your Alexa-connected smart products on an ongoing basis. With an ACK-based smart product, your users benefit from Alexa device control and other features, such as Amazon's Wi-Fi simple setup. You can learn about Alexa Connect Kit features here, including:

ACK Module

The ACK module is an Amazon-managed system-on-module that you integrate you’re your device. It runs firmware the provides connection and communication between your device and ACK managed services.

Download the data sheet »

ACK Device SDK

The ACK device SDK provides source code for your device-specific logic, including handling Alexa commands, generating device logs and metrics, and managing new device firmware.

Get the ACK device SDK »

Development Kits for ACK

The ACK development kits include a development board with an integrated ACK module and a sample host microcontroller. You can use the development kits and the ACK device SDK to build device prototypes.

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ACK Console

The ACK console enables you to configure and manage your ACK-based products and devices. With the ACK console, you can view device registration, and download resources, such as the ACK device SDK.

Visit the ACK console »

Example Products Built with Alexa Connect Kit

Smart Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach

Control this 12 cup connected coffee maker with the Alexa® app or your Amazon® smart speaker for voice-enabled brewing or automatic brewing. Just say “Turn on the Coffee Maker.”


Procter & Gamble

AIRIA delivers a personalized fragrance experience throughout your space, up to 2000 square feet. Lighter than air micro-droplets of our pure fragrance oils move with your home’s natural air flow.

Christmas Tree

Mr. Christmas

Artificial Christmas tree with LED lights from Mr. Christmas that works with Alexa - select the lighting color, turn the tree lights on/off or schedule your tree to turn on at the same time every day. Just say “Set my Christmas Tree to Multi-Color”, or “Turn on my Christmas Tree.”

Amazon Smart Oven


Cook confidently in the multicooker that sits on your countertop. Amazon Smart Oven is a voice-controlled 4-in-1 appliance that makes every mealtime a little bit easier. Golden roasted chicken, crispy French fries, and done-right frozen vegetables? Goodbye, weeknight takeout.