Consulting and Professional Services

Ideation, Prototyping, and Solution Implementation

Consulting and Professional Services

Consulting and Professional Services (CPS) firms can help companies develop and launch new Alexa-based products. They offer a full spectrum of services, including Ideation, Design, Prototyping, Market Testing, Product Launch, and Post-Launch services.


HARMAN elevates connected lifestyle by providing high quality voice activated products & solutions for business and home users. With 70+ years of Audio & Voice engineering expertise, they offer consulting, full-system product design, testing, integration, voice input tech, and software that help businesses launch voice-enabled solutions to create secure conversational experiences at speed.

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Accenture provides a comprehensive set of voice technology related services, including consumer experience design, agile hardware development, and automated testing. They have more than 2,400 connected product and embedded software engineers who provide global scale and expertise to accelerate product development, expedite certification time and deliver on product launch dates.

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SurfaceInk provides full-system product design and development services for Fortune 100 companies and startups in the Consumer Electronics market segment. From initial product strategy and design to detailed hardware, software engineering, and production ramp, they have the talent, know-how, and a proven track record for delivering a diverse range of successful technology products to market.

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Creoir offers turnkey product development, audio design, system integrator services, and a dedicated far-field test lab. The Creoir Far-Field Voice Solution fast-tracks Alexa built-in device development. 

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Additional Solution Providers

Dev Kits

Development Kits for AVS are reference solutions for creating devices with Alexa built-in. They include voice processing hardware and client software, helping you easily build voice-forward products while reducing cost and accelerating the integration process. 

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Original Design Manufacturers

Amazon works with select Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to provide commercial device makers with a simplified Alexa integration path. The ODMs offer turnkey solutions and streamlined processes for designing, testing, and manufacturing devices with Alexa built-in. 

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Systems Integrators

Amazon works with select Systems Integrators (SIs) to help commercial device manufacturers bring new devices with Alexa built-in to market. The Systems Integrators provide hardware modules, software, and services that accelerate the implementation, delivery, and support of devices with Alexa built-in. 

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