VUI Testing Tool

Test Your Voice User Interface

An engaging voice experience starts with great voice design. To help you craft a rich voice user interface (VUI), we’ve created a VUI testing tool. Whether you’re looking to build a new skill or make improvements to an existing one, you can use our tool to test your VUI before you build. Once you publish your skill, celebrate with free Alexa perks.

Why This Tool Is Useful

To test your VUI, simply invoke your skill and listen to a detailed description of the request generated by the Alexa Voice Service. The best part: This tool will work with all your existing VUIs, no changes needed; you don't need to write any new code. You can use it with any device with Alexa as well as

How You Might Use This Tool

Let’s say you’re building a new skill, and you’re considering using the dialog management feature to enable your customers to confirm their choices. And maybe you’d like to test how slot confirmation might work for your VUI before you spend time implementing it. With this tool, you can simply try it out before you build it.

Once you connect the tool, you might learn that slot confirmation does, in fact, help you collect high-quality inputs in an elegant way. Or after some testing, you could discover that you want to pivot slightly and use intent confirmation instead. You can try out all options using the testing tool. Then once you’ve finalized the decision, you can build a skill to do just that.

With this tool, you can also split the skill-building responsibilities. While one person works on the backend code, another person can work in parallel, crafting a VUI and making sure it works as intended.

How to Test Your VUI

You can access the testing tool in three steps:

  1. Build a VUI in the developer portal
  2. Deploy the code as an AWS Lambda function
  3. Connect them together by configuring the function as the endpoint for the skill

Our source code is available on GitHub. We kept the code minimal so that it’s easy to read and repurpose. We are using the Node.js SDK to route all requests to a single event handler.

If you are looking for a complex VUI to test, we recommend using the one for the plan my trip tutorial. It showcases slot filling and dialog management as well as built-in and custom slots.

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