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Analytics and Monitoring Tool Providers

Use these third-party analytics and monitoring tools to understand how your skill is performing, if you are experiencing downtime/outages, and gain analytical insights around customer usage.

Third-Party Tools


Testing, monitoring, and development software tools to meet the unique needs of building and maintaining high-quality voice applications.


Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for voice and text based interfaces. It helps you identify bottlenecks, understand intents and segment conversations with AI & ML technologies.


Dashbot is an analytics platform that enables developers and brands to increase engagement and retention through actionable insights and tools including goal funnels, Intent analysis, conversational paths, and competitive benchmarking.


DefinedCrowd provides a smart data acquisition, testing and enrichment platform that enables you to reach multilingual audiences for your Alexa skills.


Skilla is an automated alerts service for your skill reviews. Instead of manually checking your skilla page for new reviews, just list down your skills, and you will be automatically notified upon new reviews.