Programmatically Manage and Test Your Skills

Alexa Skill Management API and Alexa Skills Kit Command-line Interface

You can programmatically manage and test your skills with the Alexa Skill Management API (SMAPI) and the Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI).

SMAPI is a set of API operations that allow you to programmatically manage and test Alexa skills and related resources such as interaction models. SMAPI also enables tool builders worldwide to integrate their systems directly with Alexa Skills Kit, making it easy for you to manage your Alexa skills in systems you already know and trust.

ASK CLI is an application that lets you create, update, test, and submit Alexa skills for publishing from the command line by calling SMAPI under the hood. You can use ASK CLI in a terminal interactively, in custom shell scripts, or in a continuous delivery pipeline to reduce manual steps in managing skills.

SMAPI and ASK CLI support building skills in all available and pre-announced locales including US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

What's New

SMAPI is now generally available. We have made improvements to SMAPI to include clarity and provide a more explicit resource hierarchy. We are fully committed to maintain backward-compatibility with this release, so you can build tools and automate workflows on top of our interfaces with confidence.

This release introduces the following new capabilities:

  • Skill enablement/disablement using SMAPI and ASK CLI
  • Retrieval of live stage skill manifest and model
  • New sample skills built into ASK CLI
  • Intent Request History API
  • Skill Validation API (Beta)


Prior to the current release, we added a number of new capabilities during the public beta period, which started in September 2017. All of them remain supported.

  • Ability to delete skills
  • Private publishing with AWS Alexa for Business
  • Support for new languages: English (India, Canada, Australia) and Japanese
  • Improved skill simulation (support for entity resolution and dialog management)