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Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living elevates residents’ quality of life in their communities.

What is Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living?

Alexa Smart Properties provides device fleet management to provide Alexa capabilities at scale. Residents can use Alexa to easily access information and communicate, helping them to lead more independent and socially engaged lives. At the same time, Alexa enables staff to focus on high-impact areas by creating greater efficiencies with resource-consuming activities such as announcements, and maintenance service requests. Alexa technology streamlines associates’ workflows and provides more quality time for resident care.

Isle Court Nursing Home
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Why add Alexa to your Senior Living community?

Ascom Group

"We are excited to collaborate with Amazon and bring together Alexa Smart Properties and our state-of-the art Ofelia software and mobility solutions - a game-changing solution for Senior Living. Both residents and staff can simply make requests by voice, which is an intuitive way to interact with technology, no matter what age you are. Alexa Smart Properties has ensured that resident experience remains front and centre of care homes and we’re looking forward to maximising the potential of this technology."

- Nicolas Vanden Abeele, CEO

Royal Air Forces Association 

“Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living has become a central part of how we enhance the daily lives of our residents, not only does the technology provide a streamlined and more effective way for us to share information with them, it helps our residents to maintain their independence, something which is hugely important to them, and provides a simple way for them to stay connected with one another, and with their families. This has a powerful impact on their sense of wellbeing."  

- Nick Bunting OBE, Secretary General and Group CEO


"We’re dedicated to making sure our residents retain a sense of home and  belonging when they become part of our Majesticare family. Ensuring  friendships remain and staying connected to family is so important for well-being, which is why the introduction of Alexa Smart Properties at our Evesham home is so exciting! Using advancing technology to enable easier contact with Alexa-to-Alexa calling is a huge benefit to our residents, not to mention the ability to ask Alexa what’s on today’s menu and keep up to date with upcoming activities and events within the home."

 - Angela Boxall, CEO

Morris Care

"We are strong believers in providing innovative ways to empower residents to stay informed and entertained and this exciting new product offers just that. As a family run company, we are passionate about ensuring our residents remain connected to our staff, other residents and their families and the introduction of Alexa Smart Properties at Isle Court is already being embraced and enjoyed."

- Lucy Holl, CEO

Alexa allows residents the ability to stay informed, independent, and connected.

Alexa helps senior residents stay connected with the community, their caregivers, and their families. With simple voice commands, your residents can use Alexa to call friends and family, set alarms, reminders, play music, get answers to their property specific questions, and control smart home devices within their rooms. Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living offers inbound calling capabilities that allow selected friends and family members to contact community residents through their in-room Alexa devices.

Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living
Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living

Alexa streamlines community workflows and fosters closer connections between residents and associates. 

Alexa streamlines activities like: maintenance service requests, routine enquiries such as activity schedule or meal menus, allowing care-workers to focus on more high-impact work, helping communities save time and money.   


Easily manage, deploy, and customise large numbers of Alexa enabled devices

The Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living APIs and console provide solution providers and property managers an environment to manage Alexa and smart devices in hundreds of rooms across their properties. Whether that be assigning skills to devices in rooms, sending announcements, or configuring settings such as which wake word the device responds to, there are many ways to leverage Alexa AI to improve how a community is managed. Alexa Smart Properties can help you optimise your staff workflows and increase resident engagement through scalable enterprise management tools.

Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living

Security and Privacy features

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living

Alexa Smart Properties was built with resident and community privacy in mind. We have built in multiple layers of privacy protections:
Wake word: The device will not stream audio to the cloud until it detects the wake word “Alexa.”
Microphone controls: Using Alexa is optional. Echo devices are equipped with a microphone off button. When the button is pressed, the microphones are electronically disconnected and a dedicated red light is illuminated. When the microphones are turned off, the device cannot stream audio to the cloud, even when you say the wake word.
Indicator: When Echo devices detect the wake word or when the Action button available on some Echo devices is pressed to activate Alexa, a visual indicator appears on the device to indicate that the device streaming your request to the cloud. For instance, a light ring on the Echo will turn blue.
Privacy: Voice recordings are not saved. Amazon handles any personal information it receives through Alexa in accordance with Amazon’s Privacy Notice ( 

Meet our solution providers

Interested in becoming an Alexa Solutions Provider?

Leverage Alexa Smart Properties to build solutions and services for specifically designed for Senior Living communities. Provide professional support for Alexa device fleet management, skill customisation, and implementation solutions to Senior Living communities. Alexa Smart Properties technologies will enable you to build, market, and sell Alexa capabilities at scale to Senior Living customers.
Our network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. You can access a range of services including planning, voice design and creative, pre-tested reference architectures and hardware, software development, testing, and go-to-market support.