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Login with Amazon for Websites

This page contains documentation and links for developers who wish to add Login with Amazon to their website.

Getting Started

These topics will show you how to add Login with Amazon to your website or web service.  After completing these steps you should have a working Login with Amazon button on your website to allow users to log in with their Amazon credentials. For more details on the methods, parameters, and classes mentioned in these instructions, please see our Login with Amazon SDK for JavaScript Reference Guide.

  1. Register Your Application
  2. Add a Login with Amazon Button
  3. Add the Login with Amazon SDK for JavaScript
  4. Choose an Authorization Grant
  5. Dynamically Redirect Users
  6. Obtain Profile Information
  7. Log Out Users
  8. Integrate with Your Existing Account System

Understanding Login with Amazon

These topics show how Login with Amazon uses access tokens to allow websites to login customers and access their customer profiles

Security Considerations

The customer information Login with Amazon provides to participating websites is valuable, and precautions must be taken to ensure it stays confidential. The Login with Amazon protocol makes extensive use of HTTPS to protect communications between the user and Amazon, and between your website and Amazon. These topics explain any security threats that go beyond using HTTPS, and explains how you can prevent attackers from gaining valuable customer information.