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Display the User Code and Verification URL

After you’ve received the user code and verification URL from Login with Amazon, you must display them to your users within your device.

Display the User Code and URL to the User

The user will be expected to go to the URL in the browser of another device (such as a cellphone), log in to their Amazon account (if they’re not already logged in), and enter their user code so you should also provide easy-to-follow instructions to the user. Taking this action confirms the user wishes to use Login with Amazon on your device.

For example:

Displaying the user code and verification URL to the customer

The verification_url is associated with an Amazon-branded, and Amazon-hosted, page where the user must enter their code. If they are not already logged into Amazon when they visit the URL, they will be prompted to log in first. For an example of what this page looks like, please visit After the user enters their code, the user is directed to a page which indicates authentication failure or success. If the authorization fails, the page will provide the reason for the failure. If the authorization succeeds, the page will instruct the user to go back to your device.

Displaying the user code and URL to the user implements section 3.3 of the OAuth 2.0 Device Flow specification.