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Amazon Alexa Accelerator

Powered by Techstars

The Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars, is a startup accelerator created by the Alexa Fund and built around the belief that voice will fundamentally improve the way we interact with technology. The nine startups described below were selected among hundreds of applications from 44 countries.

These start-ups will roll up their sleeves and work intensively to develop the fundamentals they need to improve their products, refine their business model, and, ultimately, bring new Alexa capabilities to their customers. During that time, they will benefit from exposure to and mentorship by diverse product, business and technology leaders from across Amazon, Techstars, and the community.

The program culminates with a demo day on October 9, 2018 where each company will showcase their progress in front of investors, leaders from Amazon, and the Seattle tech community.


New York City, NY

Helping retailers and brands deliver voice shopping experiences.

Conservation Labs

Pittsburgh, PA

An affordable smart water meter to save money by reducing water use and detecting leaks.


Atlanta, GA

Voice powered digital assistants for use in the laboratory sciences.


Seattle, WA

Comfort and smart facilities AI assistant for occupants of commercial buildings.


Seattle, WA

Voice-first personalization platform that enables authors to intelligently tailor conversational experiences for their users.


London, UK

Applying conductive print and microcontrollers to create immersive, touch-based experiences.

Presence AI

San Francisco, CA

AI-powered conversations for small businesses to replace phone calls.


Boston, MA

Bridging STEM and physical play to keep kids active while learning to code.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Automatic Speech Recognition technology enabling people with speech impairments to communicate and be understood by voice.