Find resources to learn more about multi-agent experiences such as multi-agent device examples, webinars, and VII announcements.

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Multi-Agent Technology Update

Learn about new resources and best practices for delivering delightful customer experiences on devices that support multiple voice agents. You’ll also hear an overview of suggestions for Voice Input Data Handling and Universal Device Commands.

Design Guide

Multi-Agent Design Guide

Read the guide to learn recommendations and best practices for delivering delightful customer experiences on devices that support multiple voice agents.


Implementation Resources

Amazon-Panasonic Automotive Joint Whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of multiple voice assistants on a single device, importance of unique multi-modal cues in dialogs, and the significance of an arbitrator to coordinate voice assistant activation. 

Multi-Agent Experience (MAX) Toolkit

The MAX Toolkit helps you get started building a product with multiple voice agents, including the MAX Library, sample application and agent, and API docs.

Voice Input Data Handling on Multi-Agent Devices

This whitepaper discusses wake words, the role of the audio front end, wake word engines, and methods for directing appropriately processed and formatted voice input to an agent’s cloudside voice services.

Multi-Agents Wake Words

This whitepaper provides information for selecting a wake word and tuning wake word models, and describes wake word use cases that require special attention and handling on multi-agent devices.

Universal Device Commands

Universal Device Commands (UDCs) are an important feature for devices with multiple voice agents because they help avoid frustration and foster a delightful experience for customers. 

VII Architecture Best Practices: Foundational concepts

The whitepaper provides recommendations and architectural suggestions for consideration when building products that support multiple simultaneous voice agents.

Technical Insights into the Voice Interoperability Initiative Multi-Agent Design Guide

Watch the webinar to learn the benefits of supporting multiple voice agents on a device and best practices to consider for your product development. 

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