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The Alexa Fund is proud to announce Alexa Next Stage, powered by Techstars, our new program to support companies that are past accelerator-stage and ready to build with Alexa.

The program will be hosted virtually and participants will be able to work from their home cities. Startups in the program will use video and meeting technology to access a broad network of mentors from across Amazon and the Techstars community, all of whom devote their time to helping participants take their businesses to the next level.

The program will run from June to August (approximately 8 weeks) and is open to companies operating in the Americas (N. America, C. America, S. America, Caribbean), the U.K., and the European Union. Startups will be chosen for their vision and creativity on how they plan to incorporate Alexa’s growing capabilities into their product or service.

Builders from around the world who are enthusiastic about voice, AI and other enabling technologies – and their ability to transform customer and business experiences -- are encouraged to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alexa Next Stage replacing the Alexa Accelerator program?
Alexa Next Stage is an evolution of our Alexa Accelerator program. We listened to our founders and other members of the startup community to create Alexa Next Stage. The program is designed to engage a broader set of companies, both by stage and geography, and bring more Alexa experiences to life and to our customers.

Why did you shift to a virtual program?
Alexa now delights customers all over the world. We wanted to create a program that reached startups in many more regions and allowed them to participate from their home base. The program topics that are covered by Amazon or Techstars speakers, and company mentoring will be conducted by interactive video conference. Techstars has used this approach in its Techstars Anywhere program and we’re looking forward to using it here. We’ll share more details with companies that are accepted into the program.

Why is the program restricted to companies from the Americas, the U.K., and the EU?
The virtual program requires simultaneous attendance by all participants, which is challenging to achieve across time zones. We’re starting with the Americas, the U.K., and the EU and will look to expand further at a later time.

I’m a founding stage company; Can I still apply?
Yes! The evolution of this program is meant to be more inclusive, not restrictive.

I’d still like to come to Seattle. Can I do that?
Yes, but you’ll have to arrange your own working space.

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