Make Money through In-Skill Purchasing

Sell Premium Content to Enrich Your Alexa Skill Experience

When developers and content creators build delightful skills with compelling content, customers win. With in-skill purchasing (ISP), you can sell premium content to enrich your Alexa skill experience.

ISP supports one-time purchases for entitlements that unlock access to features or content in your skill, subscriptions that offer access to premium features or content for a period of time, and consumables which can be purchased, depleted and purchased again. You define your premium offering and price, and we handle the voice-first purchasing flow. We also provide self-service tools to manage your in-skill products, and optimize their sales performance over time. Today, you can make money through both ISP and Alexa Developer Rewards. This feature is available for Alexa skills in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

How It Works

Skills will continue to provide a free experience for customers. If you offer premium content, a customer can now ask to buy or agree to purchase suggestions made by your skill. Customers pay using Amazon’s simple voice purchasing flow with the payment options associated with their Amazon account. Amazon is ensuring that every in-skill purchase brings added value to Amazon Prime members, such as discounted price, exclusive content, or early access. Developers set the list price for their in-skill product and will be paid 70 percent of list price, before any discount offered by Amazon.

To add one-time purchases, subscriptions, and consumables you’ll create and manage in-skill products using the ASK Developer Console or the ASK Command-Line Interface (CLI) . Then add in-skill purchases to your skill. Be sure to use best practices for designing a premium customer experience. Additionally, you’ll need to set up tax forms for payment purposes, test your in-skill purchase, and submit it for certification. You can measure skill usage and earnings with the analytics dashboard. The purchase flow user experience is built in for you.

What Premium Content Can I Sell In My Skill?

Sell virtual game products including expansion packs, special powers or equipment, custom characters, and more.

Sell add-on content such as one-time purchases of interactive stories, consumables, or subscriptions to premium content.

Sell unlocked features and functionality such as multiple accounts and more.

Grow Your Business with In-Skill Purchasing

Max Child, Volley

Volley began selling premium content for its popular role-playing adventure game. Founder Max Child says the conversion rate of customers purchasing the content is much higher than mobile, and this bodes well for the future of sustainable businesses built with Alexa.

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Gal Shenar, Stoked Skills

After adding in-skill purchasing to two of his most popular game skills, Gal Shenar of Stoked Skills is seeing conversion rates as high as 34%. He says in-skill purchasing "gives him complete control over my skills, my business, and how my investment brings in money.”

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Make Money with Alexa Skills: An Introduction

Learn best practices for creating engaging, premium experiences. You’ll also learn how to select the right product to meet your needs. This session is suitable for business professionals and developers who want to understand their options. 

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Make Money with Alexa Skills: Adding In-Skill Purchasing

Attend this technical webinar to learn how to make money with your Alexa skills by creating, selling, and managing in-skill products. This session is suitable for developers who want to dive into the technical details.

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Technical Resources

In-Skill Purchasing Overview

View documentation to learn more about adding in-skill products to your skill.

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In-Skill Purchasing FAQ

View answers to frequently asked questions about in-skill purchasing.

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Sample Code on GitHub

Check out a full working skill that uses one-time purchases and subscriptions.

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Live Coding Sessions on Twitch

Check out our Twitch events for live coding sessions on in-skill purchases.

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ASK CLI: Command-Line Interface

Learn how to set up the ASK CLI and use basic commands.

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ASK CLI: Set Up AWS Credentials

Set up AWS credentials to deploy in-skill products to AWS Lambda.

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ASK CLI: Create an In-Skill Product

Create in-skill products, including entitlements and subscriptions.

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Test Your Skill in the Developer Console

Explore the test simulator and more in the ASK Developer Console.

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Have a Great Idea But Don’t Code?

Other Ways to Make Money

Sell Physical Goods and Services

Alexa offers a new sales channel for brands and merchants who want to sell physical goods and services.

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Earn Alexa Developer Rewards

Make money for eligible skills that drive some of the highest customer engagement.

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Receive AWS Credits

Build and host most skills free with $100 in AWS promotional credits.

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Earn Cool Perks

Get a hoodie, T-shirt, socks, or other cool item simply for publishing a skill.

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