Make Money through In-Skill Purchasing 

Customers have purchased more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices and skills can help you reach these customers with premium voice-first experiences. With in-skill purchasing (ISP) for Alexa skills, you can make money through your skills by selling digital products to customers.

Get started today by learning some best practices for building with in-skill purchasing in our free training course.

Not a Developer?

You can still build an Alexa skill—no coding required. Create a skill in minutes with a Skill Blueprint template or hire an experienced agency to build your skill.

What You Can Monetize

You can offer different types of premium content to customers in your Alexa skills.

One-time purchases

Purchases that unlock access to features or content within a skill. One-time purchases do not expire.


Content or features that can be purchased, depleted, and purchased again. For example, hints for a game, in-game currency or extra lives.


Offers access to premium content or features for a period of time. Customers are charged on a recurring basis until they cancel their subscription.

Ideas to Get Inspired

Get inspired by skills that are already using in-skill purchasing to make money and inventing the future of premium voice content.



Health & Fitness 

Education & Reference 

Music & Audio

How to Create a Skill with In-Skill Purchasing

If your skill offers in-skill purchasing, you should still provide a free experience for customers to try your skill. Customers can then ask to buy premium content from your skill, or agree to purchase suggestions made by your skill.

Here are the steps you need to take to create a skill with in-skill purchasing. For more detailed instructions, see our documentation.

Step 1: Create an In-Skill Product

In-skill products are the different types of premium content you can add to Alexa skills, such as one-time purchases or subscriptions. The first step to create a monetized skill is to create your in-skill product.

Create in the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Developer Console

Create in the Alexa Skills Kit Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI)

Step 2: Add Your In-Skill Product to Your Skill

After you’ve created an in-skill product, you can add it to your skill so customers can purchase it.

Add to Your Skill

Step 3: Test Your ISP Experience

Before launching your monetized skill, make sure you test it and confirm it’s working as intended.

Test Your Skill

Step 4: Complete Tax Forms

Next, you'll need to provide us with your taxpayer information through a self-service tax identity interview.

Set up Tax Forms

Step 5: Submit For Certification

Follow our best practices for submitting a skill with in-skill purchasing for certification.

Read the Guide

Available Countries 

Developers can publish skills with in-skill purchasing in the following countries*:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Spain


*Developers based in India are unable to add in-skill purchasing to their skills in any country at this time.

Get Started with In-Skill Purchasing

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Training Course

This training course walks you through some best practices for designing Alexa skills with in-skill purchasing.

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