NFI Toolkit Preview Application

Enter your vendor ID below to request a slot in in the NFI Toolkit preview. If selected, you will receive an email from us with next steps. 


1. What was announced at Alexa Live?

At Alexa Live we announced an improvement to name free interaction (NFI, preview), which gives you new tools to help ensure Alexa directs to your skill only those customers requests, questions, or statements that are a good match for the skill. By using these new tools, you can configure up to 5 suggested phrases that customers might use to launch your skill. You can also indicate intents in your skill that Alexa can consider when routing name-free requests. 

2. Which locales are supported?

NFI preview will be available for en-US in the US, en-GB in the UK, and en-IN in India.

3. Which Alexa skills are eligible for the NFI preview?

To apply for the NFI preview, your Alexa skill must be live in an NFI-supported locale, with the preferred marketplace and primary language also set to an NFI-supported locale. Your skill must not be child-directed. We will select skills from among eligible applications on a rolling basis, based on skill performance and customer engagement metrics.

4. What are some skill attributes that may limit NFI?  

To ensure a consistent customer experience and preserve customer trust, certain skills will not receive name-free utterances from a customer unless that customer has previously engaged with that skill. For example, if your skill has a Mature rating, the customer must have previously enabled your skill. If your skill uses one or more APIs that require customer permission such as Alexa Notifications, Device Address, or Location Services, the customer must have enabled your skill and granted the appropriate permissions. If your skill requires account linking, the customer must have enabled your skill and linked an account. Further, any intent in your skill that allows in-skill purchase activity cannot be enabled for name-free utterances.  

5. Will NFI preview impact named-invocation for my skill? 

No. NFI preview does not affect direct or one-shot invocations. 

6. Is CanfulfillIntentRequest (CFIR) required to participate in NFI preview? 

We highly recommend implementing CFIR, although it is optional at this time. CFIR lets you reject utterances you cannot serve at run-time and can thus help improve skill experience. For instance, while creating or updating your skill, you can indicate “Get Table” intent of your restaurant reservation skill for reservation-related name-free requests. Your skill can respond ‘CFIR=No“ to "Alexa, make a dinner reservation for me" request if all tables are booked.

7. How will I know if my skill is selected to enroll in the preview? 

We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis. If your skill is selected, you will receive an email from the Alexa team, typically within [30] days of application.

8. Can I access the invocation dashboard metrics outside of the NFI preview? 

No. At this time the invocation dashboard is only available to developers participating in the NFI preview.