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What Is Dialog Management?

Real conversations are dynamic, moving between topics and ideas fluidly. To create conversational Alexa skills, design for flexibility and responsiveness. Skills should be able to handle variations of conversation, conditional collection of data, and switching context mid-conversation. Dialog management makes these natural interactions possible.

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Get Started with Dialog Management

On-Demand Webinar: Build Advanced Alexa Skills with Dialog Management

Build sophisticated Alexa skills that enable customers to engage in multi-turn conversations. Join us to learn how to apply advanced features like dialog management, entity resolution, and memory.

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Whitepaper: Advanced Skill Building with Dialog Management

Learn how to leverage dialog management within your skills to greatly improve voice interactions with your customers. Explore advance skill-building concepts and get code samples to build more conversational skills.

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Developer Preview: Alexa Conversations

Alexa Conversations is a new AI-driven dialog manager that automatically generates synthetic training data from sample dialogs. Try it for selection, recommendation, or sales transaction dialogs.

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