Where Do We Invest?

We encourage applications from companies building a wide range of products, including devices that work with Alexa or have Alexa built-in, software and services that leverage voice technology, developer tools that service voice-first businesses, and core technologies like AI and machine learning that enable better voice experiences.

Alexa Fund contact graphic

How Do We Invest?

Across Amazon we start with the customer and work backward, and our approach for the Alexa Fund is the same. Here are a few elements we’re looking for when considering a company for investment:


Are you bringing customers new levels of ease and convenience through voice?


Are you solving hard problems in creative ways for your customer?

Alexa Fit

Is there potential for unique or novel applications of voice technology including the Alexa Skills Kit or Alexa Voice Service?


Do you have a product or service in market that has a track record of positive customer feedback or a product or service soon to be launched?


Are you a visionary with the tenacity required to build?


Have you raised institutional funding?

Looking for Capital?

Tell us about your company and why the Alexa Fund should invest.

Give us your elevator pitch - do not include information that you consider confidential or proprietary.

If there's a good fit with what we're looking for, our Corporate Development team will get in touch.