Investing in consumer technology

The Alexa Fund supports businesses advancing the state of the art

Alexa Fund Vision

The Amazon Alexa Fund was originally launched in 2015 to create momentum for voice and smart devices and show the art of what’s possible. Since its launch, the Alexa Fund has provided venture capital funding to fuel not only voice innovation, but also areas such as artificial intelligence, hardware, and entertainment.

We believe in supporting entrepreneurs who advance the state of the art and working with them to best leverage Amazon to innovate on behalf of customers.

Alexa Fund Focus Areas

The Alexa Fund strives to be at the forefront of technological advancement. Artificial intelligence and machine learning serve as the foundation for an increasing proportion of the most innovative consumer products and services. Amazon has developed AI-enabled products for customers for over a decade, and we believe that much of the AI innovation that will enhance what it means to be a consumer is in front of us.

While our investments span a wide range of sectors and stages, some core focus areas for us include:

Smart Devices and Services


Some of the most successful consumer products in the last few decades (e.g. mobile phone, personal computer, smart speakers) have been innovations at the intersection of hardware and services. We believe that we are at beginning of a cycle in which advances in computing will enable a new generation of devices and services that reduce friction and create superpowers that improve the lives of consumers.  



The evolution of tools that democratize content creation, the emergence of synthetics, the accelerating shift towards immersion, and the influence of the first digital native generation is shaping preferences and trends that are changing the essence of entertainment. We believe the creation of all forms of media will flourish with the power of generative AI to the benefit of consumers and creators.

Alexa Fund Portfolio in the News

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