Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit


Enabling an Ambient home experience

The Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit is a new set of services and APIs that extends a variety of Alexa features, and with customers’ permission, empowers you to build a more unified ambient experience together, with Alexa.

Home State APIs

Learn more about customers’ goals to achieve the desired state in their home, which can include Home, Vacation, Dinner Time, Sleep. Keep modes synced between Alexa and your devices and services to deliver a unified experience.

API for Credentials

Make it easy for customers to set up their devices by eliminating the need for them to manually enter network credentials.



API for Device & Group Sync

Automatically synchronize device and group names between Alexa and your apps, freeing your customers from spending time manually replicating their device groups or rooms across multiple apps.


API for Multi-Admin Simple Setup for Matter

Make it easy for customers to add your app or smart home service as an additional Matter admin using this cloud-based API, providing customers with a hassle-free way to connect their preferred Matter Admins to their Matter devices.

Building customer experiences together

The Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit represents a shift from merely connecting your devices to Alexa to innovating together by leveraging Alexa's features. With Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit you can use flexible cloud-based APIs to provide customers with differentiated features more easily, regardless of the mobile OS or connectivity protocol you use to connect devices to Alexa.

Getting the most out of Matter

Learn more about how you can use APIs for multi-admin simple setup for Matter, credentials, and more to deliver the best possible customer experiences with Matter.


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