Create Skills for Alexa Smart Properties for Residential

A property skill is a hidden skill that isn't available in the Alexa Skill Store. To enable a property skill, a user must have the home administrator (A4R.HomeAdmin) role and have the skill ID for the skill.

Hidden skills are similar to public skills in many ways. Like public skills, hidden skills are developed using the Alexa Skills Kit. They can use account linking to map users to a backend system, and they must go through the same certification process as other custom skills.

The following sections contain information about creating skills for Alexa Smart Properties for residential.

Create and publish a property skill

You build a property skill as you would a public skill, except that after you publish the skill, you immediately mark it as hidden. You accomplish this by completing the following steps.

To create and publish a property skill

  1. Create a custom skill by using the ASK developer console. If you are new to skill development, see Getting Started with ASK.
  2. Contact your solution architect to enable Name-Free Skill Invocation for your skill.
  3. Submit your skill for certification by following the steps in Alexa Skills Certification Requirements. Be sure to include in-room collateral as part of the submission. After the certification review, you'll receive an email at the address associated with your Amazon developer account.
  4. After your skill is certified and published, your skill will be hidden by the Alexa certification team.

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Last updated: Dec 19, 2022