Get Inspired by What Others Are Building with Alexa

Hundreds of thousands of developers are building Alexa skills that engage and delight their customers. Here are the stories behind their innovations.

Case Studies

Grow a Voice Business

Sony Pictures Television Grows Its Brand

Sony Pictures Television built Alexa skills to bring Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to millions of fans at home. Both games include premium content—Jeopardy! via a subscription and Millionaire via a consumable model—to give fans more of the content they love.

A "Much Higher" Conversion Than Mobile

Volley built voice-first games that amassed over 500,000 monthly active users in less than a year. With a vision to “build games that people can play for hundreds of hours,” Volley added premium expansion packs to its top-rated game and has seen “much, much higher” conversion than its mobile app.

Growing for Long-Term Success

With over 30 published skills and 200,000 active monthly users, there’s no doubt Gal Shenar has cracked the code for building highly engaging Alexa skills. When Amazon introduced in-skill purchasing, Shenar saw even greater opportunity to monetize his skills.

Schwab Fuels Growth & Financial Success

Through his company Invoked Apps, Nick Schwab is the creator of popular ambient sound skills earning Alexa Developer Rewards. With in-skill purchasing, Schwab saw a chance to grow his voice business with more sustainable and predictable revenue.

Voice Apps Adds In-Skill Purchasing

From launching startups to helping build a $3 billion e-commerce giant, 20-year software veteran Jeff Bolton knows a thing or two building a business. As founder of Voice Apps, a voice design studio focused exclusively on Alexa skills, he's built a catalog of 88 Alexa skills and has incorporated premium content into his skills.

Building a Business with Hypno Therapist

Mauri Niininen has worked in technology since 1985, while Barry Thain has been a clinical hypnotist in London for 25 years. After one of Thain’s hypnotherapy recordings helped Niininen get some much-needed rest over 20 years ago, he had a business idea about delivering audio therapy benefits to a broader audience.


Create Multimodal Experiences

Big Sky Skill Enhanced with APL

Big Sky is a weather skill that delivers personalized, hyper-local weather information. The skill uses the Alexa Presentation Language to present a simple yet striking set of visuals to complement the voice experience. Is “All in for Voice”

With zero coding experience, John Gillilan never expected to find life-changing success building Alexa skills. But today, Gillilan heads up, a thriving voice design consultancy that creates highly engaging multimodal skills for Alexa.

Ben Ursu Spins the Fork On The Road

For years, professional developer Ben Ursu has built technology that brings immersive visual and augmented reality experiences to life. But Ursu was curious how he might integrate such powerful visual interfaces with another engaging technology: voice. 


Build Voice-First Games

EA Breaks into Voice

In an exciting move for the gaming world, Electronic Arts, a global leader in digital interactive entertainment, is investing in voice technology. Maxis, creator of the its popular life simulation franchise The Sims™ within EA, has published three Alexa skills to date: The Sims, The Sims Stories, and Maxis Podcast.

Bringing the World of SpongeBob to Kids

Nickelodeon's skill places kids behind the counter at the Krusty Krab diner where they take orders that they then have to remember. The SpongeBob Challenge skill features 70 characters from the show including Patrick, Plankton, and Mr. Krabs.

St. Noire Innovates with Immersive Skill

St. Noire by Virsix Games is the first truly immersive voice-based murder mystery board game and Alexa skill. First released in July 2019, the game’s sales and customer response have been positive from day one.

HBO Sustains Fan Engagement

For the Season 2 finale of Westworld, HBO turned to Alexa to draw fans into the fantasy world. Westworld: The Maze is an immersive voice game that lets fans navigate the show’s world and interact with characters. With actors and custom-built sound design, the game kept fans engaged for an average of 15 minutes.

Ubisoft Enhances the Gaming Experience

To drum up excitement for the launch of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft created a game companion experience for Alexa. In the Spartan skill, Alexios delivers in-game information, answers questions, and even tells jokes to engage and delight fans at home. Ubisoft also produced a funny and well-received video featuring Alexios in action.


And Much More 

Building the Future of the Smart Home

iRobot devices have been vacuuming and mopping customers’ homes ever since, but the 2017 addition of the iRobot skill for Alexa to enable voice control took the customer experience to new heights.

Sesame Street Enables Kids to Call Elmo

Sesame Street built a skill that enables kids to call Elmo to learn about the letter of the day or play hide-and-seek. In addition to Elmo's voice, the skill is chock-full of silly sounds that kids love, like boings, oinks, and horn honks.

Pandora's 'One Touch' Account Linking

Customers can listen to music from their Pandora account simply by asking Alexa. The company recently simplified account linking to a one-touch operation, enabling a simple setup experience.


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