Alexa Multimodal

Deliver Voice-First, Multimodal Experiences

Customers embrace voice because it’s simple, natural and conversational. Adding visual elements and touch can make your voice-first experiences even more delightful, engaging, and easy to use. You can provide customers with complementary information that’s easily glanceable from across the room. You can build immersive experiences that customers can sit back and watch, or lean into to get things done. And, you can optimize skills to deliver the best experience on whatever device a customer is using.

What You Can Do

Learn about the Alexa Presentation Language (Public Beta)

Alexa Presentation Language (APL) allows you to build interactive, multimodal Alexa skills and reach customers on tens of millions of Alexa enabled devices with screens.

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Build with Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons are Bluetooth devices that turn compatible Echo devices into a hub for interactive play. Make your games more compelling with Buttons by sending light commands and defining and interpreting button presses.

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Meet a Developer Building with APL

When Steven Arkonovich heard about APL, he saw an opportunity to evolve his skill, Big Sky, into a more engaging, voice-first visual experience and further grow his voice business by reaching more customers than ever before. Read the story to learn more.


Sample Skill

Check out the Alexa skill-building cookbook for a new APL sample skill called "Space Explorer." Use Space Explorer to jumpstart your APL skill creation. In this cookbook, you can access all of the skill’s APL documents with notes sharing best practices.

See What Others Have Built with APL

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US)

Your heart races, your palms sweat, your adrenaline goes into overdrive, and that's just the $500 question. With host, Chris Harrison, this is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Sony uses APL custom layouts to present visuals that are on-brand with the TV show.

Best Buy (US)

Use the Best Buy skill to request information on common FAQs, store locations, and exclusive deals. The skill leverages APL layouts to reuse components and gain control over content and brand presentation.

Capital One (US)

From tracking spending to making a payment, the Capital One skill enables customers to stay on top of their accounts via voice. Developers used APL to build a responsive design and re-useable patterns for design consistency and scalability across devices.

Food Network (US)

Get daily meal inspiration with deliciously curated, kitchen-tested recipes. Food Network takes advantage of APL's advanced styling, which allows the brand to translate its look and feel to Alexa devices.


Helping travelers find the right flights, hotels, and rental cars, KAYAK’s skill lets users plan trips and explore travel options. Leveraging APL's conditional component inflation, the skill provides the right level of information in the right layout on every screen.


Through a rich user experience, the FX skill provides information and content from FX, FXX, FXM and FX+. The APL gives FX the ability to create a gallery experience, leverage existing components for consistency and scalability across devices.


NBC Universal brings the latest business news, real-time financial information, and market data with the CNBC skill. Utilizing APL to design screen-specific layouts, the skill displays additional market data points as device size increases.

Big Sky (US, UK, CA, IN)

Get hyper-local, hour-by hour weather forecasts tied to your actual street address,and locations around the world. The skill leverages the flexibility of APL to create new shapes, transparencies, and text and object placement, in addition to sliders and animation.

Call of Duty (US, UK, CA, ANZ)

This Call of Duty coach analyzes your in-game performance. The skill takes advantage of multiple components of APL, such as sequence, touch wrappers, scroll view, conditional component inflation, and data binding.

Expedia (US)

The new Expedia skill lets travelers go beyond daydreaming about their next trip and check out attractions and points of interest before reaching for their wallets. Developers used APL to define their own UI template and optimize the experience per device.

Trivia Treat (US)

Treat your brain to this game with hundreds of questions in categories that range from science to pop culture. Hearst used APL to develop custom user interfaces and present users with more relevant information throughout the experience.

Animal Sounds (US, UK, CA, IN, ANZ)

Ask Alexa to make your favorite animal sound, play a guessing game to test your animal sound knowledge, and learn more about all the creatures you hear. APL enables touch-screen selection to enhance the voice experience. 

Bamboo Math (US)

Bamboo Math combines audio and visual learning using arithmetic and 6,000+ visually engaging word problems with animals and objects. With APL, the skill displays up to 80 images to augment spoken word problems to help students better visualize math.

The Vortex (US, UK, CA, IN, ANZ)

You wake up and find that your spaceship crew is gone. Find out what happened in The Vortex! Doppio Games used APL to compose complex, yet usable, voice-first experiences for screens.

Amazon Storytime (US, UK, IN, ANZ)

Turn any time into story time with Amazon Storytime, a free skill that offers a collection of professionally narrated short stories for kids ages 5-12. The skill uses APL containers to group text and images, and sequences to scroll through containers.

Guess My Name (US, UK, ANZ, IN)

Laptops down and phones away for this guessing game you can play all day! The game’s category selection screens combine APL viewport size selectors and touch wrappers to create views that appear differently depending on what device the customer is using.

Could You Guess (US)

Host a multiplayer game show right in your living room with Could You Guess. VertoLab used APL to optimize the skill for varying screen sizes and incorporate multiple images.

Lucky Dog (US)

Lucky Dog is a game of chance. Simply say, "Alexa, tell Lucky Dog to get more bones," and Lucky goes out in search of more bones to bury in his backyard. The skill leverages the flexibility of APL to incorporate new colors and spacing sizes as well as the template for devices with round screens.


Quickly find account balances, available credit card, and loan balances. NAB uses APL for greater flexibility in communicating customer banking information, augmenting the voice experience.


Check energy account balances, switch to e-billing, or ask for an energy saving tip. AGL uses APL to enhance the brand's look and feel while displaying customer information on screen for improved accessibility.

NextThere (ANZ)

See and hear real-time departure or disruption information for your nearest bus, train, tram, or ferry. NextThere uses APL's responsiveness to deliver public transport schedule information tailored to different screen sizes.

TVguide (UK)

Get on-demand content recommendations from the default TV search skill in the UK. APL improves the skill's visual experience with a responsive UI layout and touch wrappers that respond to touch events and display full details of a selected TV show.

Ocado (UK)

Shop while you cook! The Ocado skill makes it easy to re-order groceries with voice. APL enables the skill to display scrollable products, users to engage via touch or voice, and improved product detail responses.

Church of England (UK)

Get prayers, information about local churches, and answers to questions of faith from the Church of England. The skill provides high-quality videos as well as a fully customized graphical UI with APL.

Wochit (UK)

Watch up to 300 new videos every day, from sport to news to entertainment. The skill leverages the video player in APL.

Kicker (DE)

The German skill kicker provides up-to-date Bundesliga soccer scores and updates. Olympia Verlag used APL layouts and touchwrappers, and built custom templates to deliver unique experiences per device screen.

Das Örtliche (DE)

Das Örtliche is the largest German directory and local search provider. The skill helps users find any point of interest in the area, recommends restaturants, and more. The skill leverages APL device characteristics and custom templates.

Comdirect (DE)

As Germany's leading online banking provider, the Comdirect skill provides stock prices via voice and now multimodal devices. Comdirect used APL to optimize how they display stock prices on voice-first devices with screens.

Stream Player (DE)

Get local and international TV programs streamed directly to your Alexa-enabled devices, with or without screens. The skill leverages different APL templates depending on form factor. Developers built a new main menu with a grid view of supported channels using the sequence control.

TV Digital Fernsehprogramm (DE)

TV Digital makes finding the right TV program for you easy. Just ask for a specific channel or time and Fernsehprogramm will tell you what's on TV. Funke Mediengruppe used a grid view, sequence, and touch wrapper with APL to deliver a new voice-first screen experience.

Animal Sounds (DE)

Lab169 provides popular anmial sounds and high-quality images on Alexa devices with screens. The skill leverages APL to optimize the user interfaces on all devices and includes touch wrappers to enable touch-screen interaction.

Tagesschau (DE)

Die Tagesschau, the iconic German TV news broadcast, provides a comprehensive news overview. APL brings an improved list view, using sequences showing their different newscasts with images optimized for different form factors.

T-Online (DE)

T-Online is the largest online news provider in Germany and offers up-to-date coverage for various news genres. The skill leverages APL to optimize the user interfaces on all devices and includes touch wrappers to enable touch-screen interaction.

WetterOnline (DE)

WetterOnline gives users an update to their local weather and information about pollen flight. APL offers support for different screen sizes and optimized weather information on round and square devices.

出前館 (Demae-can, JP)

Users can order food from more than 16k popular restaurants using the Demae-can skill and Amazon Pay. The skill uses APL custom layouts to present variety of menu items.

JTBおでかけチケット (JTB Ticket, JP)

Users can purchase e-tickets to attractions in Japan, such as the aquarium, museums, amusement parks, and more. JTB ticket uses APL AutoPager to show multiple images of the attraction and Karaoke when explaining ticket detail information.

Sadhguru (IN, US, UK, CA, ANZ)

Explore Sadhguru’s wisdom on a variety of topics, including health, relationships, meditation, success, yoga, and more! The skill also offers guided meditation with Isha Kriya. Sadhguru uses APL colors, spacing between topics, containers, touch wrappers, and more.

GaneshaSpeaks (IN)

Are you wondering what your future holds? GaneshaSpeaks offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes according to your sun sign. The skill uses the new templates with APL to provide display compatibility support for all existing display devices and optimized touch gesture for quick screen navigation.

Pointless (US, UK, ANZ, IN)

In this TV game show skill from Vocala, Alexa is the co-host and TV characters from the show Pointless voice over the skill.

Trivia Blast (US, UK, ANZ, IN)

The skill uses pager and speakitem components in APL to show enhanced visuals of the question on screen. It also uses bright and vibrant images throughout.

wikiHow (US, UK, ANZ, IN, CA)

Get answers to more than 150k questions with clear summaries and video content. With APL, wikiHow customizes displays for multiple device types and uses touch wrappers to enable touch control on screen-enabled devices.