Incentives for Alexa Skill Builders

Publish an Alexa Skill, Get Developer Perks

Thanks to our Aussie and Kiwi Developers for building skills with Alexa.

With Alexa, you can build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. As a skill builder, you can build quality voice experiences that engage Aussie and Kiwi customers regularly with skills in the Games, Trivia, Household, Health, or Family categories.

Get inspired and try some of the skills available in the Australian and New Zealand skills catalogue today like Bin Reminder, fun and entertaining games like Aussie Triviarelaxing sounds to help you sleep, or daily use cases like What Should I WearDaily Stretch, or Daily Horoscopes.

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Promotions for Alexa Skill Builders in the Australia, and New Zealand:

We will have more information on upcoming promotions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


If you’re not based in Australia and New Zealand, check out our other promotions in the USUKGermanyJapanFranceItalySpainMexico, and India.


Please note: You may only apply to one Alexa developer promotion in one geography in the country you reside in, or you will be ineligible for all current Alexa promotions. Find more details in our terms and conditions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My skill failed certification, do I need to submit a new promotional form when I re-submit my skill for certification?

A:  No. Because your Skill ID has not changed, your original form submission is still valid, as long as it is published within the promotional period.

Q: I believe that I have done everything to qualify for the promotion. When will I receive my promotional items (e.g.: socks, tshirt, Echo Dot, etc.)?

A: Please allow 60 days time to pass after the promotional month has ended before contacting us for details regarding any items you may have earned through the promotion.

Q: Do I have to submit a new skill to qualify for the promotion?

A: Yes. To be eligible for the promotion, you must publish a new skill to the catalog during the promotion period. Updates to existing Skills (published to the catalog before the current promotion period) will not qualify for the promotion.

Q: I have published a skill but it is only available on the US Alexa Skill Store. How do I get it published on the AU Alexa Skills Store?

A: To publish your skill on the Alexa AU store and qualify for this promotion, your skill should use English (AU) as a language model. The default language model while creating a new skill is ‘English (US)’. If you have not chosen ‘English (AU)’ at the time of skill creation, you can add it as a new language model to your skill by going to Language Settings -> Add new language -> English (AU). You will then need to have the skill interaction model created for the ‘English (AU)’ language model and resubmit the skill for certification. For more details, please refer to the documentation on 'how to add a language to an existing skill'‘how to update your skills for Australia and New Zealand’ blog, and documentation on where to distribute your skill. In addition to adding the English (AU) locale, you must also include Australia and New Zealand as countries to distribute your skill to the store. We will consider the skill for the developer promotion provided the skill is live on the Australia and New Zealand Alexa Skill Store, within the offer period.

Q: My skill didn't end up going live last month. Can I submit it for this month's promotion?

A: Yes. Your new skill is eligible for the promotional period in which it was published if Amazon has a promotion running at that time. Please be sure to submit a promotional form entry during the same month that your Skill has gone live to ensure you are properly entered into the promotion if appropriate.

Q: Can I submit my skill for multiple Alexa promotions?

A: No. We do sometimes run multiple promotions during the same period, but we do not allow for eligibility for more than one promotion at a time. If you submit for more than one Alexa promotion at a time (including in other geographies), you will be disqualified from all Alexa promotions.

Q: How do I find my skill ID?

A: Your skill ID will start with amzn1.ask.skill

You can find your Skill ID by logging into and navigating to Amazon Developer Console > Alexa > Alexa Skills Kit > View Skill ID. The Skill ID is unique and typically starts with "amzn1.ask.skill".

Q: Do I have to wait for my skill to go live before I can submit a promotional form?

A: No. However, your Skill does need to be published during the promotional period to be eligible and you can only submit one Skill and we cannot change the Skill submitted after the fact.