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Alexa Music & Audio Skills

Enable customers to access your music streaming service on hundreds of millions of Alexa devices whether they’re at home or on the go. The Music Skill API provides a built-in voice interface for music, so you can create an Alexa skill simply by providing your catalog metadata to Amazon.

Alexa for Music
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Music & Audio Skill Key Features

Drive Engagement

Create interactive experiences that use APIs to blend media content with more specialized capabilities.

Connect Customers with Content Creators

Connect your customers with their favorite content creators through DJ Song Requests, polling and contests.

Natural Interactions Through Voice

Help customers easily engage your service by using commonly-used discovery phrases

Built-in Voice Interface for Music

Deliver a reliable and accurate voice experience for your music simply by providing your catalog metadata to Amazon. Alexa provides the voice interface.

Multi-device and Multi-room Streaming

Let your customers stream your music to any Alexa device, or even multiple devices using multi-room music.

Customization and Measurement

Control the experience with skip limits and stream protection, and monitor and improve performance using music skill metrics including usage and latency.


Music & Audio Skill APIs and Skill Components

Combine the Music, Radio, and Podcast Skill API with Alexa Skill Components to easily add curated, pre-built user experiences and capabilities to an Alexa Skill. 

Music, Radio, and Podcast API

Enables selection and control of audio content streamed through an Alexa-enabled device.

Song Request to DJs Component

Enables customers to send song requests and dedications to Radio DJs

Contest Component

Feature contests with rewards within your media experiences to create friendly competition between listeners. 

Polling Component

Run polls with your audience through Alexa, with real-time responses and results.

Interactive Media Components

See the latest from Amazon’s recent Alexa Live event.

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Partner Highlight: iHeartRadio

“Our radio personalities are always looking for new ways to build a direct connection with their listeners. Alexa makes it super convenient for our audience to engage in the most convenient way possible, using their voice, the way you would expect to talk to a friend, which is how our listeners view our DJs, their friend on the radio.”

- Chris Williams, Chief Product Officer, iHeartRadio 


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