Integrate Your Skills with Alexa Lists

  1. How do I add List capabilities to my custom skill?
    Developers can select the list capabilities they need as part of the custom skill creation flow in the developer portal. Lists Read/Write permissions will be available in the Skill Configuration section, under Permissions. Learn more about adding list permissions to your skill.
    Event capabilities will initially be exposed to developers through SMAPI (Skill Management API). Developers who create a list skill to subscribe to List Events will have to supply a Lambda/HTTPS endpoint for receiving the events.

  2. Why do I need to use the List Events?
    List Events are most useful for applications that want to provide an external web/mobile interface for customers to manage their Alexa lists and support two-way sync. This allows the applications to receive events when customers add or remove items from their lists so they can refresh the app.

  3. Do I have to choose an invocation name and define a voice model if I only use my skill to provide a mobile/web interface for managing lists?
    List Events available for list skills gives you access to top level voice intents which do not require an invocation name or voice model. You would still be required to add sample top level utterances that will be used in your skill details page. If you decide to add custom intents to your skill you would have to supply an invocation name and voice model so customers can access your skill.

  4. How will customers discover and enable my skill?
    Customers will discover your skill by browsing or searching the Alexa Skills Store. We highly encourage you to advertise the skill by deep linking to the skill’s detail page from your website/mobile app. Upon enablement of the skill, customers would have to allow the skill to read or manage their Alexa lists based on the list permissions your skill is using.

  5. Do you support account linking for custom and list skills?
    Yes. List management applications will typically require the ability to connect the identity of an Alexa end customer with a customer in the list management app. To accomplish that, developers should use a process called account linking, which provides a secure way for Alexa skills to connect with third-party systems requiring authentication.

  6. What are the certification requirements for skills that are using the List API capabilities?
    The certification process is the same for all custom Alexa skills. Learn more about certification requirements for list skills.