Integrate Your Skills with Alexa Shopping and To-Do Lists


How do I get started with List Read and List Write Permissions?

Developers can select the list permissions they need as part of the Custom Skill creation flow in the developer portal. Lists Read/Write permissions are available in the Skill Configuration section under “Permissions.” Learn more about adding list permissions to your skill.

How can developers use Alexa lists within their skills?

Developers can request access to Alexa lists in order to:

  • Read out items from customers’ Alexa lists
  • Add or remove items to customer’s Alexa lists

How will users discover and enable my skill?

Users will discover your skill by browsing or searching the Alexa Skills in the Alexa app or on We highly encourage you to promote your skill by deep linking to the skill’s detail page from your website or mobile app.

What are the certification requirements for skills that are using the List API capabilities?

The certification process is the same for all custom Alexa skills. Learn more about certification requirements.