Developer Console

Payment Processing Integration Setup

Establishing AWS Identity and Access Management

You will be required to call one of the Amazon payment services to complete the payment process depending on the payment strategy.

Onboarding to Amazon

AWS Account: For instructions on how to get an AWS account, please see here

Completed the Amazon onboarding: Retailer onboarding must be completed before integrating with the Amazon systems.

Note: during the onboarding process, Amazon will allow list your IAM ARN to call into the API end point. Your IAM will also have the API invoke permission to ensure it can perform the API invoke operations

AWS Systems onboarding: you will be working with the Amazon team to onboard your endpoints to the Amazon systems. The process will include steps such as providing invocation URL for the Amazon API.

Onboarding to Payment processor

Ensure you have completed the onboarding process with the payment processor and have shared the required information with the Amazon team.