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Cancel Charge

The Payment service API provides the Company a single point of integration with Amazon to facilitate payment processor integration. The payment service allows the Company to complete one integration while getting access to multiple payment processors.

Note: In the future, new attributes might be added. We recommend that you structure your code so that it can handle new attributes gracefully

Cancel Charge

POST /v1/cancel/charge

Cancels charge for the shopping trip. An empty 200 (OK) response indicates Cancel has been successfuly initiated

Body parameter

  "storeId": "string",
  "shoppingTripId": "string"
Data Field Required Description
storeId Required string <= 255 characters ^[0-9a-zA-Z_-]*$. The storeId field contains the store identifier designated during your onboarding process. If you have multiple stores, each store will have a unique identifier. You use this field to identify in which one of your store locations a shopper is requesting access
shoppingTripId Required string <= 255 characters ^[0-9a-zA-Z_-]+$. The ShoppingTripId field contains a Universally Unique ID (UUID) for the current shopping trip. Amazon generates a UUID for each shopping trip.

Success example responses

> 200 Response
Data Field Required Description
Successful response Required 200

Failure example responses

  "errorMsg": "string"
Status Meaning Description
400 UnknownShoppingTrip You will receive a 400 UnknownShoppingTrip if you attempt to checkout using an invalid shoppingTrip
400 BadRequestException The API returns a 400 Bad Request Error when requests to the payment service might be missing a required value or an incorrect data type is passed to the API. For example an incorrect storeId or shoppingTripId
429 Too Many Requests Too Many Requests – The client has sent too many requests in a given amount of time (rate limiting. A Retry-After header will be included in the response indicating how long to wait before making a new request. Retry-After: 600 (5 minutes) is the current setting
500 ServiceException A 500 ServerError is received when the payment servie call fails due to a server issue. For example an un-handled exception or error occurs when processing the API call. You are encouraged to retry the API call to Amazon using an exponential backoff algorithm

503 ServiceUnavailableException, example responses

  "errorMsg": "string",
  "retryAfter": "string"
Data Field Required Description
errorMsg Required string. A 503 ServiceUnavailable is returned when the payment serivce is unavailable. If you receive a 503, you should re-try the API call after the indicated time in the API response.
retryAfter Required string. The the time to wait for retry in seconds.