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Enable Named Timers and Reminders | Alexa Voice Service
Tech Doc
Named Timers and Reminders are part of the Alerts feature of the Alexa voice Service (AVS). The Named Timers feature allows Alexa users to set and manage multiple timers at…
Voice-enabling Transport Controls with MediaSession API (Fire TV) | Amazon Fire TV
Tech Doc
Some apps on Amazon Fire TV support voice-enabled playback controls. You can enable your app with these voice commands and more by integrating the Android Media Sess…
Overview for Voice-enabling Your App and Content (Fire TV) | Amazon Fire TV
Tech Doc
To support voice interactions on Fire TV, it's becoming increasingly important that you voice-enable your apps. There are currently two main techniques for voice-enabling y…
How to Enable Notifications Support on Your Alexa-Enabled Product
We recently launched Notifications for Alexa support through the AVS API. Here's a guide that walks you through everything you need to know to implement notific…
Cirrus Logic Enables Next Generation of Hands-Free Alexa-Enabled Products with New Dev Kit for AVS
Cirrus Logic is a leading provider of audio processing hardware and software solutions. ItsDSPs, integrated circuits, and audio algorithms have attracted the w…
Alexa Voice Service v20160207 | Alexa Voice Service
Tech Doc
The Alexa voice Service (AVS) allows developers to enable voice interactions on connected products. After integrating AVS, your product has access to the built-in functiona…
Enabling Offline Access to Alexa in Vehicles with Local Voice Control Extension to Alexa Auto SDK v2.0
Today, we announced version 2.0 of the Alexa Auto SDK, which now offers a full-suite of offline functionality, in addition to online functionality, for accessin…
Alexa Voice Service (AVS) API Reference Overview | Alexa Voice Service
Tech Doc
This page provides and overview and links to reference documentation for the cloud-based APIs offered by the Alexa voice Servic…
About Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Focus Management | Alexa Voice Service
Tech Doc
Because some devices support actions that are independent of Alexa, such as offline audio playback or screen-based interactions, the Alexa voice Service (AVS) might not be…
About the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Interaction Model | Alexa Voice Service
Tech Doc
A device that interacts with the Alexa voice Service (AVS) encounters events/directives that produce competing audio. For example, a user might ask a question when Alexa is…
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