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App Testing Service

Over 75% of Android APKs are compatible with Appstore with no additional development work
Testing support for Fire TV Edition televisions

The App Testing Service does not evaluate support for Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions. Generally, if your app supports the other Fire TV devices, it will also support Fire TV Edition televisions. However, if you have targeted certain features of your app for specific Fire TV build models, the new build model for Fire TV Edition televisions (AFTRS) will not be included. After submitting your app, the Appstore team will let you know if your app fails on Fire TV Edition televisions.

How it works

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Drag and drop your Android application package file (the APK) into the upload box, or by browsing and choosing the APK to test. Learn more »

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Support documentation is included in the results if changes need to be made. Test results will be saved and available for future use if you are logged in as a registered user. Learn more »

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