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Get Connected with the Alexa Skill Developer Community

Join the Alexa skill developer community online and in person, access developer resources, and learn from what others are building with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK).

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Connect with Us

Connect with Alexa Evangelists

Meet the Alexa evangelists! Whether you're a first-time or an advanced skill developer, we want to connect with you and be a part of your journey.

Jeff Blankenburg

Jeff likes to take things apart and put them back together again. He's spent the majority of his career as a web and mobile developer, but loves how much learning there is yet to do with voice as an interface.

Greg Bulmash

Writer, urban legend, sticker guy, self-taught dev. When he's not busy working with adult devs for Amazon, he runs a CoderDojo chapter, teaching kids to code.

Justin Jeffress

Justin enjoys sharing his knowledge with the Alexa Developer Community to inspire others to build innovative, useful, and fun Alexa Experiences. He has a thirst for knowledge and is always learning new things. Some of his interests include software development, Japanese, hiking, and sleep, which is why he's known as SleepyDeveloper.

Amit Jotwani

Amit is an Alexa Evangelist at Amazon. His role involves inspiring and helping developers build incredible voice experiences using Alexa. By day you can find Amit at his desk cooking up beautiful Python, Ruby, or JavaScript. By night, when’s he not catching up on the re-runs of Seinfeld, he disappoints people with his jokes at the local standup comedy club in New York.

Joe Muoio

Joe is a former mobile developer who likes to teach and inspire others to also create great voice first experiences. He is interested in all things gaming and food related.

Jeff Nunn

Jeff is a builder that enjoys learning new things, and is always looking for ways to expand Alexa through integrations with robots, machine learning, computer vision, and AI.

Akersh Srivastava

Akersh leads the Evangelism team. He likes his coffee milky, and is all about tabs, not spaces.

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Online Channels

Join the Community on Twitch

Join us live on Twitch for weekly office hours, live coding sessions, and more.

Upcoming Twitch Streams

Date Time (PT) Description
Mondays 1 PM Alexa Game Chat
Tuesdays 7 AM Between Two Devs
Tuesdays 9 AM ASK Office Hours in English
Wednesdays 8 AM ASK Office Hours in Spanish
Thursdays 7 AM Alexa & Friends
Fridays 11 AM Voice & Robotics

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Join the Community on GitHub

Explore our library of code samples on GitHub to learn how to build Alexa skills, implement new ASK features, and understand specific use cases. Start with the Alexa Cookbook, our collection of recommended short code samples that demonstrate the main components of Alexa skill development.

See Alexa Cookbook    |    Explore All Code Samples

Ask and Answer Questions on the Developer Forum

Use the ASK developer forum to post your questions about Alexa skill development and answer questions from others. You can browse by topic and search existing conversations. 



Attend an Upcoming Event

Join the conversation at an upcoming event. Get hands-on learning at a bootcamp or hackathon, attend a presentation at a conference, or connect with other Alexa skill developers at a local meetup.

Community-Run Meetups

Run by developers and enthusiasts, local community meetups give you the opportunity to meet with others who share an interest in developing Alexa skills. Join an Alexa meetup group near you to get notified of future community events in your region.


Get Inspired by Other Developers

Alexa Champions

Case Studies

Big Sky Is a Must-Have Skill, Says CNET

The Big Sky skill delivers personalized weather reports to more than 60,000 monthly active users. This CNET "must-have" skill also offers premimum content; 50% of customers opt in to purchase when offered. 

A Distraction-Free Voice Experience

Headspace reimagined its meditation app for voice to provide a customer experience free of mobile interruptions. Customers are responding to the simpler and more seamless option by linking accounts, trying premium experiences, and coming back for more.

Building Voice Strategies for Brands

Say It Now helps brands reimagine their offerings for voice in a way that yields value for both the brand and its customers. The agency's leaders say "conversational commerce" will transform the voice industry.

Example Skills