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With hundreds of millions of Alexa devices in the hands of customers, now is the time to bring your idea to the world. Best of all, it's easier than ever to build your first Alexa skill and generate revenue. See for yourself and get started today.

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Get familiar with Alexa

Follow along as our Chief Technical Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg demonstrates the fundamentals of skill building. From understanding voice interfaces all the way to certification and publishing, this series will set you up for success to start your skill building journey. 

Get inspired by what others are building

Learn how developers, founders, and influential creators innovate with Alexa—plus get exclusive tips on how to leverage the latest features and grow your voice business.

Alexa Innovators

In our Alexa Innovators series, we catch up with developers, founders, and influential creators to see how they got started and leveraged Alexa to optimize their products through skills. 

Alexa In Space

Take an exclusive look at the voice technology that helped power Callisto, a technology demonstration payload embedded into NASA’s Orion spacecraft for the Artemis I mission—then get inspired to shape the future of voice yourself.

Start building now 

Ready to build an Alexa skill? Bring your voice experience to the world and get started today.