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Amazon Data Portability offers authorized third parties the capability to programmatically import Amazon customers' data to an app or website after the customers give authorization through Login With Amazon (LWA).

Amazon Data Portability ports customers' data from Amazon to your app or website based on customer-selected Data Portability LWA Scopes. The LWA Scopes define the type of data the customers are authorizing third parties to access. See LWA Scopes for details.

This document explains how Amazon Data Portability works and guides you through these three-high level sections: (1) configure the Amazon Data Portability service, (2) authorize your app and/or website, and (3) connect with Amazon Data Portability API. You will need to complete the steps in each section before your app or website can import customers' data.

Amazon Data Portability enables customers to programmatically port to authorized third party apps or websites portions of their Amazon data from the following marketplaces: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Sweden.

📘 This document assumes that you have an app or website ("Application") ready to add the Login With Amazon button. This doesn’t cover guidelines on how to build an Application.

Want to know how Amazon Data Portability works? Proceed to Amazon Data Portability workflow.

Last updated: Mar 07, 2024