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Construct URI and authorize request

  1. Select one of the three available endpoints listed in this table. To improve latency, choose the endpoint that is closest to your infrastructure geographical area. You can switch to another endpoint at any time.
Endpoint Region Europe (Dublin) US East (N. Virginia) US West (Oregon)

In your Application, use your preferred library to connect to one of the endpoints and perform HTTP requests for the path supported by Amazon Data Portability.

  1. Construct the URI using the next reference:
Name Description Example
Method One of the Amazon Data Portability HTTP methods. GET
Endpoint An Amazon Data Portability endpoint.
Path Path for the API. /{scopeId}/data-queries/{queryId}/records
Query string The query parameters. ?maxResults=10


  1. Add the access token in the authorization header.

Examples using CURL:

  --request POST '' \
  -H 'authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' \
  --request GET '' \
  -H 'authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' \

Your Application is now ready to connect with Amazon Data Portability API.

Last updated: Mar 07, 2024