What's New in Alexa Smart Properties

The following sections describe what's new in Alexa Smart Properties.

All Alexa Smart Properties subscriptions


The ASP analytics dashboard in the US now has a tab for communication metrics. Communication metrics provide details about the number of calls, drop-ins, calling minutes, and drop-in minutes for properties with these features enabled. For details, see the analytics dashboard or the developer documentation for hospitality, healthcare, senior living, or core.


We made the following updates:


Active device counts per domain in the Domain Data tab are now accurate for all scenarios, including corner cases. We also updated the Other category so that the data represents engagement for only that particular domain. Previously, data for the Other category also contained engagement for domains with fewer than 10 active devices. Now, that data appears in the Aggregated domain instead. For details, see the analytics dashboard.


The Automation API is now available in the US for properties with hospitality, senior living, and core subscriptions. The Automation API enables you to specify triggers and actions to automatically set up intended outcomes for users with Alexa. For details, see the Automation API reference for hospitality, senior living, and core.


Self-service onboarding is now available for developers in the US. Gain access to Alexa Management APIs and enable persistent unit IDs by following a consolidated process in the Alexa Smart Properties console. For details, see the Get Started guides for healthcare, hospitality, senior living, and core.

Alexa Smart Properties in senior living


You can now manage inbound calling for rooms in properties with senior living subscriptions by using the Alexa Smart Properties console. For details, see Manage inbound calling.

Alexa Smart Properties core


Alexa Smart Properties core subscription is now available. Properties that don't categorize themselves as hospitality, senior living, healthcare, or residential can onboard to the Alexa Smart Properties core subscription. This subscription enables smart property solution integrators to deploy and manage Alexa devices in their properties at scale. For details, see About Alexa Smart Properties Core.