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Get ready to build an engaging customer experience with voice. Whether you’re new to voice design or are an experienced Alexa skill builder, you’ll find all the top Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) resources here.

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You can still build an Alexa skill—no coding required. Create a skill in minutes with a Skill Blueprint template or hire an experienced agency to build your skill.

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Learn the key terms you need to know to start building Alexa skills.

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Review our full glossary of terms for the Alexa Skills Kit in our technical documentation.

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What’s New with the Alexa Skills Kit 

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Release Updates

Date Name Summary Locale Availability Links Release Type
12/11/2019 Custom Tasks (preview) and Direct Skill Connections Create custom connected skill experiences with tasks (preview) and direct skill connections All



11/26/2019 Alexa Emotions and Speaking Styles Use new Alexa emotions and speaking styles to create a more natural voice experience US, AU

Alexa Blog

Documentation - Emotions

Documentation - Speaking Styles

Generally Available
11/20/2019 Ordinal & Phone Number Built-in Slots (Beta) PhoneNumber (beta) and Ordinal (beta) built-in slot types expand to all locales All


Documentation- PhoneNumber

Documentation- Ordinal

11/18/2019 Web API for Games (Preview) Build games with web technologies (preview) All

Alexa Blog

Interest form

11/8/2019 Voice Permissions for Reminders Customers can now use voice to give your skills permission for reminders All

Alexa Blog



Generally Available


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Alexa Developer Training Resources

Beginner Training Course

Our free, step-by-step training course offers a quick way to get started building Alexa skills today.

Sample Projects

Learn to build specific types of skills with these projects. We’re providing the code samples to get you started. 

Beginner Skill Developers

Fact Skill

Build a skill that serves up facts on a topic of your choice.

Quiz Game Skill

Make a quiz game skill and learn about speechcons.

Advanced Skill Developers

Decision Tree Skill

Take this simple decision tree skill and make it your own.

Movie Quotes Skill

Learn how to use the Alexa Presentation Language (APL) with this sample skill.

Premium Fact Skill

Review a sample skill that uses in-skill purchasing (ISP) to offer different premium packs for purchase, and a premium subscription option to unlock all of the packs at once.

Code Samples & SDKs

Get started quickly with our Node.js, Python, and Java SDKs.


Alexa Development Tools


Access developer console functions from the command line and programmatically with the ASK Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI) and ASK Skill Management API (SMAPI).

See ASK CLI Documentation
See SMAPI Documentation

Test Simulator

The Test Simulator allows you to test your Alexa skill by inputting text or using voice to interact with your skill.

See Documentation

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Evaluation

Use the NLU evaluation tool to create and run a set of tests against your model.

See Documentation

Utterance Profiler

Use the utterance profiler to test user utterances and improve your skill’s interaction model.

See Documentation

Interaction Path Analysis

Use interaction path analysis to identify interactions where customers commonly become blocked or exit your skill.

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Intent History

Intent history provides skill developers with the aggregated and anonymized transcriptions of user speech data and intent request details for their skills, on a per-skill basis.

See Documentation

Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Use our extension for Visual Studio Code to develop and deploy your skills in an integrated environment.

See Documentation

AWS Development Operations Integrations

Build and deploy Alexa skills faster and more reliably using our integrations with AWS CodeStar, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CloudFormation.

Learn How

Skill Builder Guides

How to Design a VUI
Alexa Design Guide
Create Voice-First Games for Alexa
How to Shift from Screen-First to Voice-First Design
Voice Design Tips from 12 Alexa Developers
Make Money with Your Alexa Skill

On-Demand Webinars

Building Voice-First vs. Screen-First
Voice Design 101
Advanced Voice Design
Building a Standout Alexa Skill
Tips on Alexa Skill Certification
Make Money with Alexa Skills

Case Studies

Hundreds of thousands of developers are building Alexa skills that engage and delight their customers. Here are the stories behind their innovations.

Steven Arkonovich - Big Sky

Akonovich personalized his Alexa skill and boosted his business with in-skill purchasing.

Stuart Pocklington - Loop It!

A dream sparks a winning Alexa skill idea and a new career in voice.

Say It Now

Voice agency 'Say It Now' CEO discusses reaping big rewards from the voice industry.