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Nahoko Hirabayashi Sep 21, 2022
Alexa Skills

Every year, we release new features to help developers a) build the next generation of customer experiences; b) drive business growth, and c) build with Alexa easily. For example, earlier this year at Alexa Live 2022, we released features and programs like the Alexa Skills Kit, Alexa Routines Kit and Skill Developers Accelerator Program

How do we get ideas for new features and programs? From developers like you around the world. Over the years, our most impactful features and programs have directly resulted from ideas given by skill builders and device makers. 

To help skill builders share their ideas even more easily, we have created a new space called the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) UserVoice. You can use ASK User Voice to request and vote on features you would like to see in the developer toolset. You can also provide ideas for future services with Alexa. If you have an idea for an Alexa skills feature request, you can share it via the UserVoice space.

Before posting an idea, please give thought to why your feature would be important for skill builders. What new user experiences can it enable? Explain how your idea will help developers create exciting new experiences, drive business growth, or build with Alexa more easily. 

Please bear in mind that ASK UserVoice is for skill builders, not Alexa users — we encourage developers to post suggestions which are related to skill building, and not consumer-facing requests.

How to post an idea


Before sharing your suggestion on ASK User Voice, please check if a similar idea might have already been posted by a fellow developer. If your idea has already been suggested you can simply upvote the existing request. 

Steps to post your idea:

  1. Search the box by adding your idea in the search box to check whether the idea has been already posted.
  2. If you find the idea already posted in UserVoice, click to vote for it. Otherwise, continue to step number 3.
  3. Log into your Amazon account. Select the most appropriate category for your feature, such as ASK SDK or Alexa Developer Console. 
  4. Describe your idea detailing the current experience versus the desired outcome. Clarity and detail will help our team decide on a course of action. Include the impact of this change for developers and end users.
  5. Click POST Idea.

How to post an idea


Vote on an idea


Even if you don’t have a feature of your own to share, you can still vote on existing requests. Your vote would help the Alexa team determine what’s important to you as a skill builder. You can also add comments to existing requests if you have additional ideas about that feature. Voting and commenting on requests that interest you will help us improve the developer experience, and help you get to market with new skills and experiences more easily. 


Vote on an idea


You can check whether features posted in UserVoice have launched by setting the ‘status’ in the top bar to “launched”. Once the feature launches, helpful documentation such as blog links will be noted in the comments.

You often hear the words “We want to hear from you.” In some cases, these words are nothing more than a platitude. However really want to hear from you. We are eager to listen to you, and want to continue to act on your suggestions. Keep them coming!


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