Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Travis Teague

Houston, Texas

Travis’s first machine was a TI99/4A. From these humble beginnings, he finds that a lifetime of technology and experimentation has collected in his social, familial, and emotional near-field. Now, his home is filled with CNCs, microcontrollers, drones, and bits of antenna (that may get tuned sometime in the near-ish future).

Travis has a tendency to dive deep, and as of late, he is pretty centered on and the whole LoRaWAN "long range low power" thing. At the latest stop in a long and varied career in tech, he is Chief Technical Officer of a Long-Range Low-Power IoT solutions provider in Texas.

Among other things, Travis runs the group in Houston, Texas, and the largest Alexa Slack channel. He is pro-"civic hacking," and is wholly charmed that people seem to put up with him. He hacks, learns, teaches, and trips over computers. He is deeply engaged in the Alexa Slack channel, which currently boasts over 1,700 developers. He has expertise and good-natured humor to share with newbies and experienced developers alike, in all topics related to Alexa, AVS voice, and bot-based ecosystems.

He is not ashamed to tell everyone who will listen that he still has absolutely no idea what he is doing – because he understands that this is the essential force that helps us create.

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