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Ryan Kroonenburg

Twickenham, England

Ryan Kroonenburg is a UK-based Solutions Architect and the founder of A Cloud Guru, a community which is dedicated to teaching all aspects of the AWS platform. Together with his brother Sam, Ryan has taught AWS to over 100,000 students. They also designed one of the first Serverless Learning Management Systems and help organize serverless conferences and meetups all over the world. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from Australia’s Curtin University. He has also earned multiple IT certifications (ITILv3, MCITP, and MSSQL DBA to name a few) and four AWS certificates.  

Ryan also created the “Alexa development for absolute beginners” courses for A Cloud Guru which allows beginner developers and non-developers to learn how to build skills. He regularly shares his passion for Alexa at events like ServerlessConf or the Alexa Devs Dublin meetup.

Alexa Skill Published

  • A Cloud Guru: The A Cloud Guru skill helps you prepare for the Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam by asking you practice exam questions. The skill has over 200 practice exam questions and each game consists of 10 random question. Build out your AWS exam knowledge today.

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