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Hicham Tahiri

Paris, France

Hicham Tahiri is a French software engineer with extensive professional experience in voice interfaces in both the automotive and the robotics industries.  

In 2012, Hicham launched, a startup that provided voice-based interfaces for PSA Group, SEB Group and several robotics startups such as BlueFrog Robotics. In the process, his team created a framework to quickly create voice assistants. When the Alexa Skills Kit arrived in 2015, he started to craft a developer toolbox that offered a visual conversation design tool with automatic code generation, a community-generated intents library and a voice simulator.  

Today at, Hicham and his team are helping European companies in Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce and Health verticals realize their Bot Strategy via voice interfaces.  

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Alexa Skill Created

  • Blind Test: In Blind Test, you hear a short sample of a song and then have to guess the artist. With +100 song samples, it’s a fun multiplayer game that you can enjoy with friends to challenge your music knowledge.

Connect with Hicham

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  • Creator of Alexa Designer, a visual conversation design tool, now part of
  • Creator of the first third-party Analytics tool for Alexa
  • Organizer of the Amazon Alexa - Paris meetup
  • Organizer of the Smart Voice Summit: A two-day event bringing together the voice community to discuss current and future trends, developments and challenges within the industry.

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