Marketing Resources

Alexa Skills Kit

What Will You Build with Alexa?

These Alexa Skills Kit marketing resources can help your business grow with Alexa. Is your organization building skills and services for Alexa? Leverage our training materials, marketing guidelines, and go-to-market resources below for support.

Business Enablement

When you build delightful skills with compelling content, customers win. Learn about the ways you can make money when you create engaging voice experiences that customers love. .

Technical Resources

Check out the various technical training resources below to support you in strengthening your business with Alexa.

Sales & Marketing

Check out the following Sales and Marketing resources that may help you if you plan to leverage the Alexa brand for your business.

More Opportunities to Work with Alexa

As you establish and mature your Alexa skills practice, you may have opportunities to participate in case studies, sponsorships, and more.


Agencies are creating innovative Alexa skills so that brands can reach their customers via Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. If you think your company has the expertise to assist clients in creating skills, contact us to learn more.

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Alexa in Education

Introduce students to Alexa technology and educate them on how to build for voice. Learn more about Alexa in Higher Education if you are an educator or student interested in creating skills or hosting ASK workshops.

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