Make Money with Your Alexa Skills

When you create delightful skills with compelling content, customers win. With Alexa, you can reach customers via tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices. Now, you can make money through Alexa skills using in-skill purchasing (ISP) or Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills. You define your product offering and price, and Amazon handles the voice purchasing flow. Download our introductory guide to get started building your monetized skill to learn which product better meets your needs.

Meet a Developer Growing a Voice Business

Max Child, founder of voice games publisher Volley, says "monetization is the next great business opportunity for voice developers.” Learn how in-skill purchasing is taking Volley’s thriving voice business to the next level.

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A Much Higher Conversion Rate Than Mobile

Gal Shenar has more than 30 Alexa skills, some of which offer in-skill purchasing. Shenar says he’s seeing an upsell conversion rate of 34% on his popular skill Escape the Airplane—“much higher than what you’d expect on mobile."

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Make Money by Creating Engaging Skills Customers Love

In-Skill Purchasing

Sell premium content to enrich your Alexa skill experience. Examples include game products, unlocked features and content, and more.

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Alexa Developer Rewards

Make money for eligible skills that drive some of the highest customer engagement in eligible skill categories.

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Make Money by Selling Product and Services through Alexa Skills

Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills

Alexa offers a new sales channel for brands and merchants who want to sell physical goods and services.

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Alexa Skills Account Linking

Use Alexa skills account linking so that customers can link their Alexa account with their existing account with your service.

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Additional Resources

Introductory Guide

Learn best practices for creating engaging, premium experiences, and learn which product better meets your need.

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Introductory Webinar

Learn how you can make money with Alexa skills with in-skill purchasing and Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills.

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In-Skill Purchases Overview

Read technical documentation to learn how to add in-skill products to your skill.

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Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills Overview

Read technical documentation to learn how to add Amazon Pay to your Alexa skill.

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