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Alexa Skills Kit SDKs

Quickly Build Your First Skill

Build your first Alexa skill with our step-by-step instructions and samples, then apply what you learn to build your own.

Be Productive from the Start

Take advantage of your existing programming expertise by choosing between our Java, Node.js, and Python SDKs.

Write Less Code

Use the code we provide for commonly needed utility functions and focus your energy on your ideas.

Key Features of ASK SDKs

Hello World and Other Samples

We provide complete sample code and step-by-step instructions for Hello World and other samples. You can use these samples to understand how to build an Alexa skill, to learn how to use SDK functions, and as a starting point for your own skills.

Request Handling

Request handling in the SDK makes it easy for you to invoke the right code when Alexa sends you a request. You can write a single handler for multiple Alexa intents, or invoke different handlers based on nearly any request attribute.

Attribute Management

You can store and retrieve information at different scopes using Attributes in the SDK. Attributes allow you to keep track of what happened so far, and to use this information to determine what happens next. You can define attributes that for a single request, for a single customer session, or for the lifetime of your skill.

Response Building

You can deliver responses to your customers that include text-to-speech, audio and video streams, and cards and other visual elements. Customers will receive one or more of these elements depending on what Alexa-compatible device they are using. Using the SDK, you can build responses that include all of these elements.

Alexa API Calls

You can call nearly any Alexa API from within your skill logic using service clients in the SDK. The service clients automatically inject relevant endpoint and authentication token information on your behalf.

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Latest Feature Updates for ASK SDKs


Date Name Summary Locale Availability Links Release Type



Build faster on SMAPI using the new SMAPI SDK for Node.js, Python, and Java


Documentation - Node.js

Documentation - Java

Documentation - Python

Generally Available


SDK Productivity Releases

New ASK SDK Support for Express.js and Jinja


Alexa Blog

Generally Available


Skills GameOn SDK

Easily integrate leaderboards into your game skills using the skills GameOn SDK (Beta)


Alexa Blog



New SDK Features

ASK SDKs Are Now Easier to Use and Integrate


Documentation - Java Templates

Documenation - Python Web Framework

Documentation - Java Utilities

Documentation - Python Utilities

Documentation - Node Utilities

Generally Available

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