Alexa Developer Skills Training Courses

Learn from Others Developers Who've Built for Alexa

Learn to design and build engaging voice experiences. Check out these training resources by third-party education organizations. Community members like our Alexa Champions have also contributed helpful materials to share their passion for building for voice. Dive in and learn how you can add voice to your big idea.


Learn Alexa Series

By Codecademy

Learn to build skills for Alexa using the Alexa Skills Kit and AWS.

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Alexa Devs Series

By A Cloud Guru

Aimed at both non-developers and beginner developers, this free 6-episode series will walk you through step by step in building and enhancing your very own Alexa fact skill!

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Alexa Video Series for Python Developers

By Coding Dojo

Calling aspiring and established Python coders alike! Learn how to build skills for Alexa.

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Alexa Fact Skill Tutorial

By Amazon Future Engineer

Learn to build your first Alexa fact skill – no coding knowledge required.

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Conversational Design for Alexa

By Codecademy

Learn how to create synonyms for your slots with entity resolution and use dialog management to deliver more conversational voice experiences.

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Developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo in C# and ASP.NET Web API

On Pluralsight

Learn the foundations of developing voice-enabled apps for Amazon Echo, and build your own custom Alexa skill in C# and ASP.NET Web API.

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Tutorial for Python Programmers


Learn to build an Alexa skill in Python that goes to the World News subreddit, a popular feed on news aggregator Reddit, and reads the latest headlines.

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Advanced Alexa Skills Kit Course

By A Cloud Guru

Get a look at the wide range of Alexa features including advanced functionality like account linking, state management, and audio streaming.

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NLP Nanodegree Program

By Udacity

Become an expert in the main components of NLP, including speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and machine translation.

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Voice User Interface Design in collaboration with Amazon Alexa

By Career Foundry

Create portfolio pieces including voice user flows, scripts, and personas. Implement and showcase your designs by building 3 Alexa skills. With personalized course feedback from your dedicated mentor, you will get answers to all of your questions without the frustration of learning on your own.

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