Amazon Alexa at AWS re:Invent

Attend 2018 AWS re:Invent for a deep dive into how voice technology is changing the world. Join us to see what’s next for voice, get inspired, and learn how to build engaging voice experiences using the Alexa Skills Kit and Amazon Web Services.

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Alexa Session Types

Technical Sessions

Learn to design voice experiences and dive deep into the technology behind the Alexa Skills Kit.
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Get hands-on skill-building experience with insights from Alexa evangelists and voice design experts. 
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Chalk Talks

Join the Alexa team for a highly interactive small group session, followed by Q&A.
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Featured Alexa Sessions

For the full list of Alexa sessions, visit the 2018 AWS re:Invent session catalog

Make Money with Alexa Skills

Learn how to leverage Alexa in-skill purchasing APIs, Amazon Pay, and developer reporting tools to help unlock premium digital content in a custom voice experience. See how in-skill purchasing gives customers and developers the flexibility of payment through a subscription, one-time entitlement, or consumables. Dive deep, and leave this session with everything you need to know to make money with Alexa skills.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Developing for Voice

In this chalk talk, we review the common challenges developers face when building voice experiences for Alexa. We’ll share best practices for voice-first design using the Alexa Skills Kit, which we contrast with GUI design principles. By the end of this session, you’ll understand the similarities and differences between developing for voice and developing for screen-oriented mediums.

Tailor Your Alexa Skill Responses to Deliver Truly Personal Experiences

Delivering personalized responses to customers is one of the most engaging features of an Alexa skill. Learn the different approaches and best practices to create responses that are tailored to each one of your customers. By applying what you learn, you can keep them coming back to your voice experience.

Alexa Exhibits

Giant Echo Stations

Engage with our giant Echos at re:Invent conference venues.


  • MGM: Level 1, Grand Ballroom
  • Aria: Inronwood Foyer
  • Venetian: Level 3 West Alcove
Alexa Quiet Pods

Regroup in our Alexa enabled meeting pods.


  • MGM: Level 2, North Side
  • Aria: Level 1 Alcove
  • Venetian: Level 4 East Alcove
Alexa Booth

Interact with multimodal and featured monetized skills.


  • The Venetian, Expo Hall-Booth #400
Alexa Kiosk

Meet the Alexa team and learn about Alexa and AWS integrations.


  • The Venetian, Expo Hall-AWS Village

#ExperienceAlexa at re:Invent, Earn Perks

Participate in an activity at three Alexa stations to get a sticker. Once you earn all three stickers, visit the AWS Swag Desk in the Venetian to claim your perks.

Giant Echo Stations

Developer Activity: Tweet about your most memorable Alexa experience. Include a selfie with the Giant Echo and the #ExperienceAlexa hashtag.

Alexa Booth

Developer Activity: Experience Alexa skills on our newest devices. Try a skill and share your feedback on the tablets in the booth.

Alexa Kiosk

Developer Activity: Meet the Alexa team and tell us about your experience building Alexa skills. Follow @AlexaDevs on Twitter and complete our questionnaire.

Please, note that our supplies are limited and that you may only earn one perk during the show.