Drive skill engagement with Routines
Make skills part of your customers’ daily lives by embedding them in useful Routines.

What is Alexa Routines Kit?

Alexa Routines' mission is to execute actions that are repetitive, predictable, easily forgotten, or difficult to anticipate on behalf of the customer. Alexa Routines enable customers to automate repetitive or habitual tasks without needing to invoke a skill or have a conversation with Alexa. From turning off the lights and locking the door at night, to starting the coffee maker and playing their favorite morning podcast during weekdays, it's no surprise that Routine users’ retention rate is 40% higher compared to non-Routine users.

Alexa Routines Kit (ARK) enables you to offer compelling Routines experiences within skills to customers in a self-service manner. You decide what Routine to offer, to whom, and when to surface in your skill. Design your own customer-facing Routines and automate a set of tasks within your Alexa skills that customers can choose from for seamless, habitual experiences. Define what events will trigger your Routine (your defined series of actions), and offer the experience directly through skill interactions to improve customer experience, engagement, and retention.

Be part of customers’ daily lives

Better retain customers by offering Routine experiences through your skills to automate common actions based on a trigger event.

Enable built-in discoverability

Customers can find useful Routine ideas through pre-built Routines, simplifying their lives in ways they might not have envisioned.

Improve skill CX for key use cases

Offer customers pre-built Routines as part of your skill experience and they can enable them with a simple ‘Yes.’

Components of Alexa Routines Kit

Before you can integrate a Routine to your skill, you have to design the Routine. A Routine is made up of a Trigger and a Task. Your Trigger defines what event kicks off your Routine; your Task defines what action happens that exposes a specific functionality of your skill. Then, integrate your Routine to your skill and Alexa will prompt users during voice interactions to enable the experience on their devices.

Surface Routines In-Skill

Offer Routines to users as they interact with your skill. When the user verbally provides their consent, Alexa enables the Routine.

Alexa Triggers

These are pre-built, Amazon-provided options for events that will kick off your Routine.

Custom Tasks

Create unique actions your skill can do and integrate in a Routine for customers to directly launch specific skill functionality.


Routines generate habit-forming behavior in customers.

Customers can enable actions within skills to be part of their Routines, e.g. a specific podcast within a podcast skill. Monthly engagement of customers using a skill in a Routine is up to three times higher compared to customers who don’t use that skill in a Routine. The monthly retention of customers using a skill in a Routine is up to two times higher when compared to customers who don’t use that skill in a Routine.

National Public Radio (NPR)

See how NPR utilized the Alexa Routines Kit to help its customers make their favorite NPR content a part of their mornings.

All India Radio

How All India Radio increased skill engagement by 19% by making radio listening a part of listeners’ daily routines.

Customers can easily enable Routines through simple voice consent.

Offer pre-built Routines as part of your skill experience. Customers can discover inspiring and useful Routine ideas through pre-built Routines to learn habitual use-cases for your skill. Define when customers encounter voice prompts to enable a Routine within their skill experience.

Enable customers to experience a skill without invocation.

Routines can be configured to trigger on ‘ambient events,’ such as at a certain time, or at sunrise/sunset. Ambient Routine triggers enable customers to experience skills without having to invoke them.

Jaguar Land Rover

Watch how Jaguar Land Rover offers its customers peace of mind using the Alexa Routines Kit.

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